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I seldom like to talk about myself to others,  I am much more interested in them to talk about myself... but I find it cathartic to write so please excuse me if I go off on some kind of crazy tangent where it's all about me ...  🙂

First off I want to mention I am compassionate, inquisitive  and ambitious.  I'm open minded, perceptive and ingenious. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge...  I often  have to hold back from drowning  random people  in a flood of questions when I interact.     It's something I have to actively control. A person once said I reminded them of Johnny,  the robot from "Short Circuit".  If you've ever seen it,   it's  totally me.   I can't get get enough data...  I'm actually a database junky.  I keep records of everything from  movies and shows I want to watch to business ideas and even people who piss me off..    I have many databases I keep in a cool Android App called Memento.    It syncs with Google Spreadsheets so I'm often in heaven when I feel the need to look at all my entries.  It does a beautiful job of organizing my crazy and random thoughts.   Besides these things though ,   I am equally irritable, evasive and insatiable.  Throw in a little aloof and  flirtatiousness and I believe you will have a pretty good idea of what I'm about.   But who isn't all those things, right?  I was told that Geminis can be whoever they want to be and be the same person... so I kind of go with that.

I detest people who gossip and find the negative in everyone and everything..  I find it a huge waste of my time and it sucks the life out of me... I try very hard to  adhere to these guidelines  from the Tōshō-gū three wise monkeys

Hear No Evil
See No Evil
Speak No Evil

I believe in Live and Let Live.

I'm not very pragmatic....  I know what I want, when I want it, I tend to seek out others who can give it to me and know how to do it...  I believe they should be justly compensated for doing so.  I believe in sharing my success with those who help me to succeed. It's impossible to do it alone.    Sometimes people do not see my vision, sometimes they do....  Sometimes they get off the train before it gets to its destination.   As you can probably guess,  I tend to be an idealist  of sorts... and often accused of being a dreamer who "lives in another world" . But that's fine ,  I like the world I'm creating,  it suits me.

I 'm a strong advocate of and believe in helping the poor and less fortunate.   I understand and respect not everyone is wired like myself and there will always be people with less.   Whether its less money, ambition, drive, love or just whatever,  some people have less.   As an entrepreneur my primary concern is to be an asset to the community and to the people who work for me.  I believe business is service to society.  The success of any business will be in direct proportion to the value delivered to society.  You will never find me living a lavish lifestyle while those who work for me struggle to survive.  I believe in a livable wage.   I believe in people.  I believe there is a higher good.  I'm just not wired to be any different.

Have you figured out what I do yet?

In addition to being a seasoned dreamer I am a serial entrepreneur and dabble in  real estate.  I always HATED the question  "So, what do you do?"   I never seem to know how to answer.    I'm a former military brat, I love to travel the world and experience new places....  I travel whenever I have the opportunity to do so.  I have been blessed to have a mindset that has enabled me NOT to be a slave to any one location....  I have learned over the years to make money and support myself and loved ones wherever I may be... whether in my hometown of Huntington, WV or the middle of the ocean.

I am a big believer in "The Secret" and positive energy.  I'm an advocate of positive energy and follow the New Age Movement.   Some of my favorite people are Bob Proctor,  Tim Ferris,  Steve Jobs, Lisa Nichols, Rhonda Brynes and countless others who tend to have a progressive and positive mind .  I enjoy television  programs such as "Shark Tank" and have a fascination with documentaries... I have also been known to enjoy a good drama... I can be a sap when the mood so  hits me... I have a tendency to be  very emotional so I hate watching sad movies or shows in front of people... I have to really control myself sometimes.  As you can probably guess,  I get upset and emotional easily.

I'm always asking questions (to many peoples' annoyance) , researching and have a never ending thirst for information.  I can sit and daydream all day...  I have a tendency to be overly verbose and never really get to the point... I can make something very simple appear to be overly complicated...   I am not much of a sports junkie....  it actually depresses me to hear it or see it in any capacity.   Why does it depress me?  I think mainly because my brothers and cousins were so into it (and excelled in sports) and I was the polar opposite and it left me feeling alone and isolated most of the time.  I was basically a loner when I was younger.   During holidays when my siblings and cousins would go out and play football,  I was inside talking to grown ups or thinking to myself.  I spent a lot of time daydreaming as a child and young adult.... something that has not really changed to this day.  I like to call my day dreaming meditation. I have no problem "meditating" at the drop of a hat, often wherever I may be at the moment.   I get often get caught up in my own mind and get accused of "zoning out".    I kind of like that about myself.

I  often get wrapped up in other people's problems simply because I care and have probably been where they've been or nearby.   I try to be fair and do the right thing,  I'm not perfect by any means but I do appreciate, respect and look out for the greater good. I honor and respect other's opinions and do not force them to comply with my paradigm of thought.

I like to write,  I know,  many people will be surprised by this.  I LOVE to write short stories.   Something one of my aunts always advised me to do when I was upset,   was to write a letter to the person who upset me explaining how I  feel.   I do just that,  but I email them to myself instead.   I also take it a step further and write short stories about real life events.   I change the story based on how I envision the ideal outcome to be.   I write people out, set up plots, introduce new characters,  just like how  a good soap opera or novel would be written.  I have emailed myself hundreds of these short stories.  It has helped me to cope tremendously throughout the years.   It's funny too,  often the ending I imagine is exactly the ending that materializes.   Funny how life works,  isn't it?  

I also journal because sometimes I get confused when my short stories blur with how things really manifest.  My reality (through other people's eyes) is often distorted.   I believe with all my heart that if you have good and positive intentions,  without hurting anyone else,  then truly anything is possible.

Of course this is a raving review of myself.   I do have some negative traits,  as  does everyone.    I tend to be vindictive, or at least think vindictive thoughts when I feel I am wronged.   I struggle with forgiveness,  get impatient, agitated and annoyed quite easily.    But we won't talk anymore about that.

Something that really influenced my life was watching "The Secret" a few years ago.... I've read the book and watched the movie.   If you want a better understanding of how I think  life works,   I urge you to listen to the video below.   It has unknowingly been my creed for many years...  I am confident it will change your life and open your mind if you let it.

That was the updated and obligatory About Me Page,  hope all enjoy!

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