Always get a second opinion

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My grandfather had always told me to never take one person's word for the gospel.. always try to get a second opinion from someone else... being an entrepreneur i cannot tell you how important this piece of advice has been in my life. People have different reasons they tell you what they tell you.... you never know what their motive may be. You also can never assume that they understand the questions that your asking them completely. For example, just because you ask and internal medicine doctor about a heart condition you may have does not mean they will give you a good answer or even one that would be appropriate for your situation... another example that is much closer to home, asking a real estate attorney about an intellectual property issue may not necessarily get you a very good answer and vice versa.

The point is you need to know who to direct your question to. It also always helps to ask educated questions. Research the issue or question you're having and ask the questions that are appropriate to your situation. Asking general questions will get you general answers... being specific and detailed in your questioning will get You much better information.

Noone cares about your question or issue like you do, ask educated questions , do your research and always get a second opinion. Also do not be afraid to appear ignorant in your line of questioning... you're gathering information specific to your issue... being concerned and wanting to get more information about something will only get you respect. Being passive and "letting things go" will only make it easier for people to walk all over you.

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