Day One – Road to Profitability – Getting Customers

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Day One

Time Left To Profit

-331Days -2Hours -26Minutes -6Seconds

Profit as of 9/14/2016 @ 14:06  -4.07
Profit Goal:  $4250/month

Long Term Goal:   Sell within 12 Months after reaching profitability.

This is Day One of my journey with StoreYa to get customers buying to my store.

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You can see my original post below:

Building Stores Online is Easy – Getting People to Shop – A lot More Difficult

In Summary:

  • I built an online pets supply shop at filled with items dropshipped from Alibaba.
  • I spent a total of $4.07 creating the store, mainly in domain fees and Facebook advertising.
  • It took me approximately 1.5 Hours to create the store and fill it with product.   The reason for the length is it was my first time using Shopify and took me a bit to get accustomed to their system.  I'd (or someone I hire) would be able to build it much quicker in the future.
  • I quickly imported inventory via Oberlo...  (monthly cost, 30 days free, limit 500 products)
  • I added heat maps from  and Google Analytics so I can track customers and their activity on my site.
  • I opened up an account at to drive customers to my account.  If you've never advertised before,  they also give you a $100 Google Adwords Credit.  I'm assuming this can be used for Google shopping as well.
  • I received an email from StoreYa to to add some code to my store - don't worry, it's easy and they give you very explicit instructions.  See below




My Opinion So Far of 

I'm impressed so far with their customer service.  A real person reached out to me soon after I signed up wanting to know if I had any questions.  I did have a couple of questions and they were quick to answer them,  almost within the hour I sent the email. Also,  their offer to drive 500 to 1000 visitors to my site was just too good to pass up.  They offered a $75 credit if I purchased $25.  I had to sign up for a $99/month plan,  so if it doesn't work out,  you can always cancel.  You are not locked into any contracts.  I do wish they gave info on where the traffic comes from...  what keywords were used, etc.  I could see why they don't want you to have this information,  but it still would be nice.

What Has Happened on Day One?

  1. I should say so far.... because it's not been even 24 hours since I paid for traffic to the site.
  2. I added the Adwords Conversion Code - this let's me track conversions..  how many visitors shopped before a sale was made.
  3. StoreYa claims they have sent 3 visitors.
  4. Shopify states we have had 11 visitors.   These may have come from the Facebook Page.
  5. There have been NO Sales so far.

You can watch the video below for a tour of HotJar, Shopify and my Google Analytics,  maybe you can see something I'm not seeing.  It's important to study your traffic to pick up on any patterns, etc.

What Now?  Things to Do

  1. Contact my account manager and let them know that my Google Analytics was incorrectly installed - I messed that up.
  2. Ask them if they are sending traffic to product pages or just the front page.
  3. Find a mechanism (maybe use Storeya's platform, ask them for a free trial) to capture visitor's email addresses and offer them a coupon or special offer.  We want to milk each visitor for everything we can.  It doesn't hurt to ask for a free trial,  after all we are trying to keep this under $50 bucks while we generate revenue in less than 15 days.
  4. Do some keyword and competitor research and enter into the project's portal.  I keep a portal or back office for each of my projects.  It helps keep everything organized.  Being organized helps to rinse and repeat the process being more efficient.  Efficiency is the key.  It's critical you learn from past mistakes and move on....   not recreating the wheel.   Everything I do is data driven, so it's imperitaive to me to have as much internal data as possible when I pursue something.  Sometimes you just have to try things out for yourself.
  5. No traffic is showing on Google Analytics - find out if code is installed correctly.

Below is a video walk through, in case you are interested, of my back office, where I keep my projects and stay organized.  They are in a hierarchy of sorts.... but I have one master control panel to keep up with everything. A video walk through of how I keep everything organized is also below.

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