Higher Self and the Power of the Universe

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Today is my grandmother's birthday.  She died right before her favorite time of year, Autumn.  Though she passed away awhile back ago I have been finding myself thinking of my grandparents a lot lately  and the lessons they taught me.  My grandmother (Wanda Marie Pierce, whom my sister was named after) was an eternal optimist.  Anything was possible in her mind.  "There isn't anything you can't do that you put your mind to", she would say.     My grandfather however , a Korean War veteran, struggled with keeping positive.  He would often  proclaim he was "The Power of the Universe" when he was distraught our otherwise upset.   He was positive in his own right though.   He used  his sense of humor to deal with the challenging circumstances he faced, especially near the end of  his life.   By laughing and joking,  he remained on a high enough frequency to keep him alive well after he became deathly ill.    He never seemed to let life get the best of him no matter the struggles he faced.  The last two years he was alive, he was not able to eat  the foods or drinks  he so much enjoyed.  But still,  he managed to put a smile on everyone's face for  whom he had come into contact with.

So I've been thinking about his famous line,  "I'm the Power of the Universe".   I've come to discover that he actually was,  we each are.     You are the ruler of your own destiny,  the writer of your life story,  YOU decide what pictures play on the movie of your life.  We all experience challenging circumstances,  it is how we react to them that matters  as Epictetus 0nce said.

My grandfather stayed alive as long as he did, not because of his positive attitude per se,  but because he stayed on a positive frequency of  love.  I don't mean love like you would love your cat, mother, best friend or partner.   I am referring to love as the positive force of life.  There are not a million positive forces in the universe,  there is only one,  that one is love.   Personally,  I don't believe in anything negative....  I simply believe anything negative is a lack of love.  There is no such thing as ugly,  it is simply a lack of beauty.    There is no such thing as failure,  it is a lack of success. There is no lack of anything in the Universe. If you see a lack of something it is simply a lack of Love.    Love is also a frequency and like frequencies of light  it spans many different spectrums.

The Universe resonates on the highest of all frequencies, one that corresponds with love. Other high frequencies are: kindness, compassion, joy, forgiveness, courage, generosity, acceptance, understanding, patience, gratitude, peace, optimism, integrity and sincerity.Low frequencies are: hate, anger, envy, fear, frustration, pessimism, impatience, doubt, guilt, despair, dishonesty, revenge, selfishness, ingratitude, intolerance, sorrow, shame and prejudice.

The higher the frequency we resonate, the faster we are to manifest our dreams and desires because we’re transmitting on the Universe’s frequency. As such, we are more likely  to attract the goodwill stored within the Universe’s energy reserves and speed the process of Conscious Creation. Essentially, we are just going with the flow!

You are never left with any doubt the frequency you are on,  because the frequency you are on is the way that you FEEL.  What you are feeling is what you are giving and like a boomerang it will return to you.    What you give,  you receive back,  it is that simple.    If you don't have your desires  the ONLY way you can get them  is to feel good.   Your desires are on the frequency of love and love is the only way you receive good things into your life.   Negativity actually repels  your  wants and desires and will keep you trapped in a cage of your own creation.  Break the bars that jail you and give love to receive what you want.   You can not receive anything in life unless you give it first.

Keep in mind though,  what you desire can not harm another person.  Harming another person  is NOT giving love.   Getting yourself on the highest frequency of love that you can will draw your desires to you like a magnet.   Everything in the universe is magnetic and the more you give love the more you will create space for all the good things to come into your life.     Everything that has happened in your life has happened because you magnetized  it to yourself.   This one fact alone creates vast differences in people and you can see  these differences  everywhere.   There is an infinite amount of love you can give so there is an infinite amount of joy that can come into your life.

I'm not saying you should go around and let people walk all over you and let things just happen,  that is not love either.  Love is TOUGH and we learn and grow through its laws.  As part of this learning we suffer consequences.  It is not love to let people use and abuse you.  The answer is,  get yourself on the highest frequency you possibly can and the force of love will solve the situation for you.

You may be asking,  what is the law of love?   Remember,   love is the positive force of life.  Love is not weak, feeble or soft.  Love is THE force that creates everything good in life.    The law of attraction governs everything that happens to us while we are on this planet whether you like it or not. The law of love works just as other natural laws work. It doesn't matter if you are a good person or bad, if you jump off a building, you are going to fall to the ground.  The law of love IS the law of attraction,  they are one and the same.  Nothing can exist without love.  Love is the force for everything good.  Love is what you must use to create everything good in life.  You must use the force of  love to harness its power. You can not use negativity to create happiness,  it will always backfire.  Life is very simple, negativity begets negativity.

Hate is not conquered by hate. Hate is conequered by love. This law is eternal.   -Gautama Buddha

You can use the law of love  in any  area of your  life. You can use the law to help others.   What you give, you recieve back. Sending out negativity will only enable it to come back to you.  Surely as the sun shines what you send into another person's life will return to you with an equal ferocity.   So be mindful of what you are sending. Also keep in mind that each person is responsible for their own lives and happiness. Though you can be compassionate to someone's circumstances, lend them advice, etc. you can never (nor should you try) to override what they are sending out. The only thing you may be capable of doing is helping them rise to the frequency they should be on to receive all the good things in life. You can not forcibly create in another's life, they have to be receptive to what you have to say. Your positive feelings may help them rise to a higher frequency, but only if they have a receptive mind and ready to harness the powers of positivity.

There is a simple formula that will keep you in good stead with the law of attraction.  As far as the law of  attraction  is concerned there is only one person,  that person is you.   You can NEVER override what another person is giving to the law of attraction you can only override what  you are giving.   If someone does you wrong,  they will have to answer for their wrongdoing, not you.  Kinda like Karma, eh?   Want to help someone struggling?  The only thing you can do is help get them to the highest frequency possible. Help them get on the highest frequencies of love.  Anything negative they will turn the opposite direction only making it more difficult to overcome what is ailing them.

Can you go the opposite direction to the bottom frequencies?   You sure can, especially if you do not have control of your mind.    Out of control thoughts and feelings do not serve you.   They don't  come from love.  Learning to control your mind is a tool that once learned will forever change you life.   I like to meditate to control my mind (a little bit of medicine doesn't hurt either) I can meditate anywhere at anytime.  ,Some people  just confuse me with "zoning out" or going to "la la land"... but that is my coping mechanism.   None of us get out of here alive, do we?  So we need to deal with life as best we can.

There are no heights to the amount of love you can give so there is no limit to the levels of joy you can experience.  You are made of love. It is the essence of everything around you.  However,  there is a bottom limit to the level of bad feelings  for which you can not endure which forces you to choose love again.

So after all these years I discovered that my grandfather was  the Power of  the Universe, just as he  had said.  In realty,  we all have the power.  Some people just don't  realize it or even know how to deal with the energy their feelings, thoughts and words  emit.    Whatever frequency you are on must match the circumstances of your life.  Like a magnet everything will be drawn to you based on your thoughts and feelings.

Your body is exactly like a movie projector, and the film running through the projector is all of your thoughts and feelings. Everything you see on the screen of your life is what has been projected from within you, and is what you have put into the film.

By choosing higher thoughts and feelings you can change what you see on the screen at any time. You have complete control of what goes into your film!
What are you putting in your film?   Let go of the things of the past,  they are finished,  done.  Let go of your bad childhood and the things that make you unhappy.   Each time you remember them you are putting  them back into the pictures of your life and it must be your experience.  You can tell in each area of your life how much love you have been giving.   From your relationships to money,   if both are good or bad,  it is a reflection of the amount of love you  have put into each one.   What you give is what you will receive.   Remember,  blame, criticism, finding fault, etc.   are negative frequencies and they must and will return to you.  When you feel your life with love you will find that resentment, hate and any ill feeling will leave you.   But you must feel love in order to receive it.
Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_NeedsI realize this is easy to say when someone reading this doesn't have enough food to put on the table,  has a loved one dying or any host of other  bad things that happen in our lives.   I agree,  that if a person is on the bottom tier of Maslow's hierarchy it could be very difficult to get on (and stay for that matter) a frequency that would aid your higher self.   I've always been a fan of the needs hierarchy and encourage it to be a starting point.  Give love starting at the bottom until you reach the very top of the pyramid,  self actualization.   Self actualization does not mean you are perfect,  is just means you have taken care of business.   Take care of YOU first.  Taking care of yourself means you can help others... but take care of yourself first.  This doesn't mean you are selfish, narcissistic or self serving.   As your typical flight attendant would announce prior to take off  "Put your oxygen mask on first before helping someone else."    Maintain your good feelings and stay on the highest frequency possible  for the longest amount of time possible.
When you do this your life will change.  When you give love then what you want will  fall at your feet.   Your presence will be felt from across the room.  Your slightest touch will dissolve negativity.  Opportunities will open up all around you.    You will feel better than you knew was even possible, lighter than air.  You will feel relaxed without a worry in the world.  This is the way your life is supposed to be.    You can not have a good, happy life with negativity.  Negativity just keeps you from having everything you deserve.   To receive a good life you must harmonize with love.  Excuses and justifications of why you didn't love will only bring more negativity into your life.  Give love to receive love and your life will change.  It will change so fast you will scarcely believe it.
I have learned so much, much of which I need to practice myself.   But we are all human.  I try to keep that in mind when confronted with difficulties.  Because reacting negatively just makes situations worse.
Thanks Papa for teaching me that each one of us are truly the Power of the Universe.

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