Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that Stuff

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I copied this post verbatim from so no one thinks any funny business is going on.....

First I want to say "Everthing is Possible,  Nothing is Impossible" and "Jesus is the Reason for the Season". Give with an open heart and  mind... then remember those less fortunate than yourself.   With this said,  it comes as no surprise we are  living in avirtual economy, and NO I do not mean the kind of economy that exists in many Facebook or other endless number of sim type games that exist online.  I'm sure you play them all, right?  I'm not going to babble on about why I think this is so important, you can readVirtual Real Estate and the New Economy.    But seriously,  we are truly living in a virtual economy...  money is changing hands without any physical goods attached to the transaction.....   people are becoming more accustommed to the process everyday.  As mentioned many times before,  the world is evolving quickly....  are you ready?   I am not going to go into the details of  my ideas and definition of a virtual economy... suffice it to say it exist and what I really want for Christmas this year exist in the virtual world..   Here is a breakdown... beware, some of these have hefty pricetags,  but I'm sure many of you can find a way to pay for them.  After all,  you did read my post "Dare to be Different: Forego the Christmas Gifts this Year" and Investing in High End Websites...  I am sure you did, right?  Of course... so don't write to me saying I'm contradicting myself before you read everything....  anyway...  If you are reading this blog chances are you understand where I'm coming from.  Most of my readers do....  But without further ado , here is my Christmas List this year.
Just about anything from Lisa Nichols
"The Secret" Movie (I've read the book, now want to see the movie)
Anything from Lotanas (perhaps a giftcard)
Audible Membership.  ( I love that  Amazon own's them, so an Amazon giftcard would also be appropriate)
What Runs Where Subscription


For those of you wondering, NO, these are not affiliate links nor do I get credit for this in any way,  how tacky do you think I am anyway???  Geez!!!!

Now, I have that out of the way....   it is much better to give than to receive....   I don't expect anyone to buy me anything anyway.... I rarely get Christmas presents from anyone and those that do take the time to send a gift or even a card have a special place in my heart, or at least my mind....   but here is what I offer to you:

and a wish that you may live long, healthy with abundance and integrity while having respect for you fellow man, no matter who they may be or what they look like.  Remember, like Suze Orman so eloquently  sums it up,  People First, then Money, then Things.  Sometimes we just have to get down to the basics, which by the way you can buy me any of  Suze's offerings as well for Christmas..    Got where I'm coming from yet?   I bet your getting there!

Wow, how sappy was that...? Anyway,  you have what I want this Holiday season  and what I'm giving to you.  Everyone have a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever you may celebrate this winter season!




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