My Wish for 2014

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1645990-bigthumbnailMy wish for 2014 is peace and love.  It is not for riches,  it is not to be a mega zillionaire, it is not for world domination, nor is it to force my beliefs on everyone else in the world. Everyone comes from a different place in life, and we each have different experiences.   My wish is to have enough money so I and the people I love and care about have a comfortable life,  free of the day to day worries of 'just getting by".   My wish is for the world and my country is  to come together, respect our differences and move onward to a life of peace and harmony.

 However, we cannot bring about peace and well-being to our country or into other's lives unless we have conquered that in our own life. Do you see? You cannot give what you do not have. Each person's job is to bring utter harmony into their own life, and then (and only then) they will become the greatest human gift for their country, the world and anyone for whom they come into contact. they become a magnet for peace, a magnet for love, a magnet for everything good in life.

Someone effecting you negatively?  Never give their negativity energy, but send them on their way, without judgement, and with all the love and understanding you can possibly muster. Do it for YOU, because the energy you send ALWAYS returns to the source. Sending back negative energy only hurt yourself.  It is NOT now nor EVER a sign of weakness but simply the physics of life. Everyone is responsible for themselves in the end. Plus you make better decisions when you are free of negative energies. Do your best not to contribute to the negative energies in the world. Every decision I make I reflect on the consequences it will have. not only for myself, but for others. I reflect on what the decision is based on, is it based on greed? Does it come from love? Is it for the higher good? My aim in life is not for vast wealth and material riches. My aim in life is to have a positive effect on the world while I am here. Money is only a tool that can help make that happen.

I make certain my mind is completely clear before I make any major decisions, whether they be business or personal.  A decision based on resentment or feelings of vindictiveness are never good decisions.  I try to clear my mind several times a day by spending time alone, without distractions.    I call it my time to meditate.  Meditation is very effective in combating the  negative energies we face on a daily basis.   I can tell a huge difference when I don't do so.  You have to make time for yourself.  You are no use to anyone unless YOU are happy.   Give the best of YOU.  You will find that any negative feelings will leave you when you align yourself with the highest frequency in the Universe - the frequency of love. Could you imagine what type of world we would live in, if we could wrap everything around the frequency of love. You are responsible for YOU and no one else.  You can not determine someone else's happiness, nor can you change it.  Focus on you and just watch what changes will take place. II honestly believe, in my heart of hearts "To change the world is to first change yourself." Truly become the change you want to see in the world.

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