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I'm playing Fri night VJ and being a little sentimental for some reason... But I had the biggest crush on Martika as a kid... well her and Alyssa Milano. When I look back it wasn't a crush as much as it was a yearning to have a bff as cool as they seemed to be. I read everything I could find on her and was always on the lookout for her latest interview...

Looking back, her draw had little or nothing to do with physical attraction. I was a very lonely kid.. So I fantasized and day dreamed a lot. Not much has really changed... I still do... Probably more than is healthy.

Anyway, below is her most well known video "Toy Soldiers" along with an interview below that. She's still very pretty and I remain attracted to her energy....just my type. Neat stuff.

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"Toy Soldiers" Wikipedia Page

Martika's Wikipedia Page

Below is an interview she did in Australia where she was touring last year.

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