Stop Pointing Your Finger!

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afraid1Everywhere you turn there is bad news....   we are bombarded with information.  A lot of this information is negative.  I am a firm believer that negativity begats negativity.  People in our country are scared.  They are scared for their futures,  the futures of their families and loved ones.  We are entering some very scary times in our country's history.  People are scared.   So what happens when people are afraid?    They become intolerant, they start pointing their finger at other people, they say "you're the reason",  "you're the problem",  "you're to blame",  they say "GET OUT".  This is of course, as you know, is NOT the answer to our problems.   The enemy is not "out there",  there is no such thing as an external enemy,  the enemy is WITHIN.

When we start saying we have to get rid of this person and get rid of that group of people, because then we'll have a better place,  it starts to sound like something else,  it starts to sound like something scary, right?   If we don't learn from history, we will just repeat it.   The next time you want to point the finger at somebody and blame them for the problems in your life,  take that finger and point it back at YOU... then fix it.  If you see a problem,  don't complain,  just fix it.

We are so accustomed to pointing the finger and blaming.  When we start to look for our own answers and take responsibility for our own actions,  our individual worlds will be a better place.  We can not control others.  You can not live another person's life,  you can only live your own.  Take responsibility for your own life and let others be.   I honestly believe the problems in our world are a lack of understanding and love for our fellow man.   Love is truly the answer to your problems.    But the kicker is this,  you have to fall in love with life.  ...  "So how do you fall in love with life? The same way you fal in love with another person -- you adore everything about them! You fall in love with another person by seeing only love, hearing only love, speaking only love, and by feeling love with all your heart! And that is exactly how you use the ultimate power of love to fall in love with life.

Being afraid is a negative emotion.... people do and say crazy things when they are afraid.  They may not even realize they are afraid when they act out or speak negatively about another.  Fear and blame are the causes to many people's unhappiness.  They actually block happiness from coming to them because they are too busy looking for all the negatives in their life and blaming  others for the way they are now..      “A lot of people feel like they’re victims in life, and they’ll often point to past events, perhaps growing up with an abusive parent or in a dysfunctional family. Most psychologists believe that about 85 percent of families are dysfunctional, so all of a sudden you’re not so unique. My parents were alcoholics. My dad abused me. My mother divorced him when I was six…I mean, that’s almost everybody’s story in some form or not. The real question is, what are you going to do now? What do you choose now? Because you can either keep focusing on that, or you can focus on what you want. And when people start focusing on what they want, what they don’t want falls away, and what they want expands, and the other part disappears. (Jack Canfield)”

Focus on the positive, focus on your strengths, focus on what and who makes you happy.  Don't continue putting what makes you unhappy in your life story.   To create the life of your dreams, the time has come for you to love You. Focus on Your joy. Do all the things that make You feel good. Love You, inside and out. Everything will change in your life, when you change the inside of you. Allow the Universe to give you every good thing you deserve, by being a magnet to them all. To be a magnet for every single thing you deserve, you must be a magnet of love.   I have always had a problem loving me first,  but you have to love yourself first before you can love others.  Focus on you,  it is not selfish,  it is one of the secrets of life.   Take responsibility for YOU and avoid trying to fix or change others,  it will suck the life out of you eventually and keep you from having the joy and abundance you know you deserve.

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