Hillary Clinton Live in Columbus

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Photo on 6-3-13 at 7.27 AM

What am I doing this Week?

I discuss a project I am very excited about this week.. getting the loose ends worked out, etc. I had a very strange dream last night that I was working for a temp service at a bank…   I think it stems from my fear lately of not being my own boss. Mobile Users Click…


Birthday Bash 2013

I actually didn’t have a birthday bash to speak of but spent a lot of the time alone,  but no complaints here, sometimes I like it that way.  🙂    One of the good things about my birthday is it usually falls on Memorial Day weekend so I get to have a long one. Video…


Birthday Video

I’ve been trying to do a video for each one of my birthdays but they are all over the place…  I only started putting them on Youtube a couple years ago…. This is the one for my 38th birthday,  my nephew was in the backseat while I waited on my mom at the doctor’s office….