Moms and doctor’s offices

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I am here sitting in the eye doctors office waiting on my mother to see if she has scardosis (spelling)? In her eyes. She has had a lot of health problems as of late.. I worry a lot about her. She is only 54 years old and seems to have a lot of problems already...

We are at the same doctor's office that my great grand grand parents went to before they died. I have been thinking a lot about them as of late. They lived long and relatively healthy lives. They both died several years ago in their ninetys. My grandmother was not as lucky,she died at 66 several years ago as well. My maternal grandfather is still alive in a nursing home, he is 82. He is not in the best of shape and has had a host of health problems for about ten years now, but he is still alive,thank God. He is such a good man. I mention all of this I believe out of thought regarding my own mortality.

I am sitting in this doctor's office where 100 percent of the patients are 70 plus... a couple of them are with their children perhaps who ate over 50 at least. I sit here wondering about the journey they have experienced on this earth. Everyone has a different experience and a story to tell
. I could just imagine the stories they could share
..I have always so much enjoyed hearing stories from older Generations.. I love hearing stories from my grandfather to this day, he has so much to share.
There was a plaque in the form of a clock with an old poem by an unknown author that I always enjoyed and thought about.. I am going to attempt to remember it.. we will see how it goes...

The hands of life are wound but once.... and no man has the power... to tell just when the hands will stop.... at late or early hour...

That is all I can remember for now...there is more of course.... I am now going to go back waiting for my mother at the doctors office ...enjoying the tid bits of information that my elders are unknowingly Sharing.. some of them are just so fascinating. I don't agree with everything they say but fascinating nonetheless..

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