My Research

As an entreprenuer I'm always researching and taking notes... below are some of the research I'm making public.   If you are not logged into my site,  only a couple of the pages will be available to you below...  you'll have to figure out which ones. If you want to Register and get access to my Research AND Projects,  head on over to  My Registration Page.  It's free,  but I reserve the right to sell you stuff after you sign up.   If you need to Login,  you may do so at the Login Menu above or go to the Login Page.    You starting to see how this works?    Enjoy!  🙂

Inventory Research (for products I put in my online shops)

Arbitrage Opportunities

Business Ideas

Website and App Investments

Real Estate Investments

Stocks|Bonds  (focus on Penny Stocks) 

Futures (Commodity and Security)

Non Conventional Investments (complex, risky but higher returns)

Websites (I research what others are doing to make money (or not) online)

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