Scams on classified ads sites

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My sister was recently looking for a puppy on the internet... she ran into a classified website called she inquired about a puppy that was located in oregon, which i thought was strange since it was so far away. She received a response fairly quickly to my surprise. It was a very lengthly email asking her all sorts of questions in broken english. It appeared to me to have scam written all over it. The person was selling the puppy for 250 dollars including shipping. Does that just sound very odd to you? The cost of sending the puppy via an airline would be $250 I would think. The email even included the classic hard luck story about why the person wanted to get rid of the puppies.. i told my sister to reply to the email and ask what kind of payment she would accept.. i am almost certain that she will respond saying western union.

Be very careful when dealing with out of state people on classified sites on the internet. I know a few people who have been taken on the sites on a deal that was too good to be true.. google the email address of the person you're dealing with, you may be surprised what you discover.

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