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So you had a bad day at work and  hearing of all these people making money online has really intrigued you..... you think "everyone is getting rich but me".   In this economy,  you primarily  hear about how bad off everyone is... and you may just be in the same boat .  You want to quit your job.... but feel you can't because of the bills... Yes,  the bills.    We are such a slave to the almighty dollar.  The more we make, the more we spend.  The thought of laying in your bed on a cold rainy morning instead of getting up for work for another miserable day really appeals to you.  You dream of doing what you want, when you want without compromising your standard of living.

You want to truly be FREE, free from a boss who dictates when you can take off work.  Free from the demands of a job that is only making your employer (owner) rich.    Free to take your children to the park or school because you can.....  free to spend time with your family and significant other at your will.  You want all of this, but don't know how to make it happen.
All of this is good and it can certainly happen if you focus and are driven to make it happen....   But don't  quit your job just yet.   You have to learn some basics....  you need to find out what you want to do.  Today, more than ever, it is easy to make money "out of thin air"  ...  It can be a rough road, but those who don't give up and keep plugging on will most certainly reap the rewards of their labor and dedication.   It has been said that some of the concepts on this blog are over peoples' heads.  Well,  this may be true for some people.   The people reading this blog possess varying aptitudes.  Some are not familiar with basic "computer related" terminology.  They wouldn't know how to even put a website together.... let alone market it.   It all is very intimidating.   Well,  the good thing is,  you don't have to be a so called "computer genius"  to harvest your money crop from the internet.  Luckily you have me that will allow you to look over my shoulder as I progress.   People a lot of times get overwhelmed with the "i can't do this, can't do that" I don't have 'this skill or that skill"...  What you should be saying to yourself is "how do I make this happen"....  use your creative mind to make it happen.  But first you need to discover what it is you want to  happen.  Do you crave  financial independence?   I think financial independence is a common denominator for a lot of folks.   So I primarily assume most people if they have taken the time to read my blogs basically want that.   So everything I write about assumes that one day you want to wing yourself from your job and be financially independent and wealthy.. and benefit from all the perks of having such a life.     Without getting verbose on why you are here or why you are interested in what I have to say,  I will continue to discuss why finding a niche and related keywords is important.
The internet is a HUGE place and it's easy to suffer from information overload.  I get the following question often:  How do you determine what niche to go into and once you find it how do you determine what keywords are worth your time?    First I'm going to give you a short primer (for those of you who need a refresher) on the point of finding a niche and related keywords.
A niche market , as defined by wikipedia is:   the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing; therefore the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.  You can click here for a more detailed definition.  It doesn't have to be overly complicated...  Basically,  it is a submarket of a general category.   For example,  a bridal shoe shop..   Bridal shops being the market and bridal shoes the niche.  There are seemingly an unlimited amount of niches you can dominate... More time than you will ever have by doing it alone...    I have focused on digital products for the past several years but recently have also added selling physical products to my website collection.   A word to the wise and those first starting out,  focus on digital products in the beginning and then move to online stores.  Online stores can be fussy and tricky to set up.  You need to get your feet wet before doing something advanced.
So you may be asking why try to find a niche market and not something general such as "fitness?".  Did you realize there are a lot of niches just in the fitness category?    It is much easier to make money in a niche and rank for keywords than it would be for a broad category such as fitness.  The competition would be fierce to rank for the keyword "fitness".    This leads to another question I often get.   What does it mean to rank for a keyword and why is it important?    If you type the word "fitness" in google,  you see a full page of website.  The closer to the top of the page your website is,  the more web traffic (visitors) you will have.   The more people (visitors) you have coming to your website,  the better the chance you have at making money.  Your goal is to be number one organically (not paid) for several keywords.    So if you have several keywords that you are ranking (being number 1 or at least the top 5)  for,  the more traffic you will get.   You can monetize the website many different ways.... but again,   I don't want to get overly complicated right now... just let it be known that your goal at this point is to be in the top 5 of the websites  for your keyword.

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