Using FlightAware to Help with Travel Plans

I put a lot of thought into my travel plans... I use the FlightAware Android App and their website to help me decide what routes I want to take and the plane I'd prefer to be on... It gives a lot of details.... and I'm a details kind of guy.   This is one of my several options en route on my planned trip to Berlin in December.   I'd like to fly Lufthansa so I  get the full German experience..... plus I haven't flown on it since I was a child.

I struggle with whether to purchase now or wait until closer the time.... I'm constantly running opportunity cost calculations.... It can be exhausting but an app called Hopper has helped tremendously.  It will give you historical prices for routes,  helping you decide how long you can wait to purchase.  I don't like my money being tied up unnecessarily -  especially when it can be working for ME instead of an Airline.   Also, check out a really neat Berlin Live Cam.  

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