7 Ways to Respond to Verbally Aggressive People Via Power of Positivity

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 Facing a verbally aggressive person can make you feel immediately defensive, which is perfectly normal, but there are 7 more healthy, harmonious and mindful ways to respond.



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Like a wild, rabid animal, verbally aggressive people come toward you on the attack, often with little or no reason. Basically, these people are adult bullies and you don’t have to take that kind of behavior from anyone.

As you already know, two negative fields on a collision path towards each another is not a pretty sight to witness. Unless you want more of something in your life, turn away from it without giving it any feeling. There are many ways to get your point across other than arguing or resorting to negative behavior.

I'm sure you've heard  silence is golden, right? A lot can be said simply with your silence and body language. Negativity of any kind is never the answer... At least it's not the BEST answer.  
I'm not proposing that you let people walk all over you, quite the contrary. Take care of yourself first.  It's not selfish,  it's smart.  If you don't,  you end up resenting people.  If you entertain someone's negativity by engaging them,  you are not taking care of your needs first.   You are actually giving them what they want,  is that taking care of you first?   It's not.  Always  be sure your own cup is full before you try to fill anyone else's.  When you are in the presence of a verbally abusive person,  a lot of times it may seem that their anger is directed at you.  If you start peeling away the layers of the onion,  you'll often discover you only serve as  a sounding board for their unhappiness. 
Think of this.   Is what you are about to say or do to the person  helping  the situation any? Is it even going to matter five years down the road?  How about 10 years?   Fifteen?   See where I'm going with this?  In the whole scheme of things, negative interactions have no real meaning in our lives,  they only have meaning unless you give them meaning.  You have the power to stop an aggressor dead in their tracks.  But you can't do it with more negativity.  
When you are focusing all of your energy on a negative situation you distract yourself from all the good things that pour into your life on a daily basis.  Pay attention, especially if you want them to continue!  Crave more negativity?  Then happily continue putting all of your energy into those people and situations who will fuel it.  You get what you give.  Period.   It works in the inverse as well.   Find the golden nugget of opportunity in every negative situation.   Live a life of bliss and positivity.  Refuse to be anything but happy and continue on your journey not regretting a single moment.  Beats pain, struggle and suffering, right?!

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