A Letter of Complaint

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I took my mother to the store this morning and was greeted by one of the rudest Kroger employees I have ever witnessed.  I decided to post my complaint letter that I am sending in the mail today...  Why waste my time you ask?  Because it only took me three minutes to write, two minutes to proof read... I will have 8 minutes invested in it... and it makes me feel worthwhile to call upon someone's apathy towards their job.  So here it is.....

July 7, 2009

To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing to formally complain on an employee that was working the cash registers today (July 7th) at approximately 10am.  In today's economy,  one would think that attentive and courteous cashiers and other employees would be a necessity. After going through the line to pay for our groceries,  we were not greeted and were treated as if we were disturbing this  particular person.   A friendly smile or gracious attitude would go a long way in getting customers to return to your store.

My mother was having a difficult time using the card reader to pay for her groceries. Instead of offering a pleasant helping hand,  she was simply "dealt with".  Luckily I made note of your employee's name tag and decided to let you know we did not appreciate her attitude during the entire transaction,  it was not a pleasant experience.  Rolling your eyes, a disgruntling sigh and other aggravating gestures are not appropriate, in my opinion, when dealing with the public.  Joyce would be served well by obtaining some training on how to properly deal with customers in a friendly and enthusiastic manner.

It is my hope that you will let Joyce know about our complaint,  after all she is representing your company. when customers leave with a bad taste in their mouths, it is very difficult to get them to return.  How much is loosing one of your customers worth due to a improperly trained employee?   I would think that it is much easier to keep a good customer than to obtain a new one,  much less expensive as well.

Thank you for your attention in this matter,  we wish the best for Joyce,  it is our hope that she gets the training she apparently needs to deal with the public appropriately.


A Concerned and Annoyed Customer.

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