Answer Your Phone!

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Or at least return phone calls and/or emails... It simply amazes me how many people in the business world do just that: not answering emails or phone calls. I do not consider myself a flunky or tire kicker, I own or have interest in several pieces of property... When I ask a question or need something of a realtor, would it not be to their benefit to at least acknowedge I called?

We made an offer on a house and garage apartment that was accepted... due to our interaction with the current owner and his apathy towards having any gutters on the house, we decided to have a formal inspection done on the house. I scheduled an appointment with K&B Pest Control and Home Inspections on Monday (which by the way are top notch, very nice to deal with). I notified our real estate agent that the inspection would be done on Friday... and for him to please acknowledge he recieved my message.... and that we were clear to have the home inspected on Friday.. I called every day and still did not hear from him. Friday comes (today) and the occupants of the house understandably refused to let the inspector in the unit to do his job. He also called our real estate agent along with myself and no answer.

To say the least I am very disappointed.... Everyone knows how important I feel about having a winning team.. We are looking for a competant real esate agent and thought we had one. We were under the impression, in the beginning, he would be an asset to our business endeavors.... Because of his apathy towards our goal of buying this house and garage apartment, he may have just lost out on a signifcant amount of commissions during the lifetime of our business... not to mention "bad blood" that will exist for the unforseeable future... We have 14 days to have the inspection done and the clock keeps ticking.

On a side note, I have been trying unsuccessfully to have the leasing office of Pullman Square contact me about an inquiry.... she has yet to cal me back after repeated attempts... Is the economy so good that one can ignore phone calls and leave emails unanswered..... ?

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