Are You a Control Freak?

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Take the quiz below,  you may be surprised what a "control freak" you actually are!! I am using the definition of control freak as taken from

in case you the quiz won't fit in your browser, you can go here to take the quiz.

If you are curious, I answered 84% of the questions in the affirmative. It's a good thing though.... I've structured my life so I maintain control... I work when and where ever I want too... whether it be across the ocean or in my house... If I don't want to do something I can hire someone to do it and still make money. Can you outsource your JOB? Can you hire someone to be a doctor, nurse, teacher or pharmacist to do your job and still make a sufficient amount of money to support yourself... ?? Actually you can, if you start a locum tenens enterprise... which would be what I'd do if I had made the mistake of going into a linear income producing field.... BTW, I love those people, they perform an awesome service and are highly respected... it's just not for me.. I have always had a strong will to be independent.. I'd rather struggle charging people to pick bubble gum off their sidewalks than be somewhere where I have little control over my destiny.. didn't Donald Trump have some of his people do that once?   Anyway,   fortunately as long as there are computers, mobile phones and airplanes chances are excellent I will never need to do that...  So this is not for you... I understand,  what I do is not for everyone... the only difference is I can "work" from anywhere in the world whenever I feel like it...  and when i "need" to do something,  chances are good that I can hire someone to do it...   so it is a perfect world after all, isn't it? In case you suffer from a person like myself, here is something just for you that may shed some light on how the person you care about thinks..  if you encourage them and let them learn from their mistakes,  something will certainly manifests...  it always does!

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