Why and How Do I Borrow Money and Make Others Pay It Back?

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If you could borrow as much money as you wanted to and have someone else pay it back,  how much would you borrow?   How would you make this happen?  How could you possibly borrow money and make others  pay it back?      It is certainly possible....  I have been accused of being a dreamer...  but I really believe that nothing is impossible and nearly everything is possible  when you put your mind to it...   Why can't you have your cake and eat it too?     When you have an infinite source of money that others will pay back, you can do, feel  or say the following:

1.  You can forget about needing a job.

2.  You can forget about putting up with grumpy co workers, rude customers, patients or clients.

3.  Tell your boss to piss off.

4.  Sleep when and where you want to.

5.  Vacation where and when you want to (no more having to plan months or years in advance)

6.  Spend more  time with family, friends and loved ones.

7.  The days of worrying about money are over... buy what you want, when you want.

8.  Make money while you sleep... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

9.  Worries about paying mortgages, utilities, car payments and other bills are over.

10.  You finally have enough money to give your family or loved ones what you want them to have.

11.  Help someone in need.

12. Live worry free.

13. Donate your time to help those in need.

14. Change peoples' lives.

You do all of this without winning the lottery, stealing, doing anything unethical, immoral.... or even "working" in the traditional sense...    

Invoking this lifestyle is certainly possible... you don't have to be a Rhodes scholar,  Oprah Winfrey, have a high IQ, be highly educated, born into wealth or any myriad of excuses or reasons why people don't have the life of their dreams.    Everyone is on a journey,  some are where they want to be,  others are still on their way... where are you?   Are you happy with where you are now or what you're doing?   Does any of the above apply to you?   How do you borrow money and make others pay it back?   How much would you borrow if this were even possible?  What are the risks?   Is it legal?   I will tell you all about it next week..... Live the life of your dreams and while you wait,  watch the video below... I ran into it  a few years back and needless to say it changed my life forever... I had actually been on the path they speak of but knew not what I was doing...   I highly recommend buying the audio book from audible.com and listen to it on your way to work or in your free time... I love audible.com,  not only because it is an Amazon property.. but because, well,   you can listen to the books instead of reading them... makes 'em more exciting, unless the person's voice is annoying, which I've run into that... so I just read it in that case.   By the way,  I'm not working you up to buy something....  lol... not everything I have is for sale, contrary to popular belief.

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