Credit Pull Database and Why Having Good Credit is Important

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Photo on 6-3-13 at 7.27 AMCredit and Money.... that's all we hear about.   We grow up with our parents fighting about the two,  but often adults don't really understand either one and how important it is to have a sufficient amount of both.  Many say,  "Well I'm not money hungry, etc etc".  It has nothing to do with being "money hungry"...  It does have a lot to do with the freedom to do what you do when you want to do it.  I have often said that I would rather have decent credit and no money than the reverse... and it is very true.  More options open up to you if you have good credit.  The better your credit - the more options you have.  Life is all about options isn't it?   Different values are put on different "things" or experiences  based on the person.  For some people living in a nicer neighborhood may be important to them... yet they don't travel much.  For others they travel a lot but don't have a brand new car every other year.  You see, we all want something.. none of us (or I should say few of us) want to live just to exist, eat  and reproduce... we all want to be happy.  Most fall victim to  basic economics... Unlimited Wants and Limited Resources.....  (UNWALR)  Unfortunately,  money and credit have a lot to do with satisfying our unlimited wants.. I am not saying that money buys happiness,  because it certainly does  not,  but it certainly makes life easier..  I honestly believe that people can have their cake and eat it too... especially in today's economy.   Want to stay in the best hotels and not something sleazy?  Want to fly business class just because you can?   Want to live in the best neighborhoods?   You most certainly CAN do all of this and MORE and for much less than people who are paying the same amount of money and getting LESS.  The kicker is using your credit as wisely as you spend your money....   Poor credit or even NO credit?   You can still have your cake and eat it too... will just take a little more discipline... but very doable depending on your motivation, focus and desire to achieve.

When you have good credit you are basically forcing others to compete for your business.  The higher your credit score,  the more valuable your business is.  The lower your credit score,  unfortunately the less options you have.  It is all about options isn't it?  How many options do you have?  What is your credit score?  I basically wanted to put a link on my facebook page recommending an excellent credit card forum.   People have a lot of questions.  I get asked a lot of questions.  I have a lot of questions myself.  I believe it pays to research and asked "educated" questions... I am NOT saying that their are "stupid" questions... you simply need to know what questions to ask.   For example,  if you have a basic understanding of how credit works,  you can get a better understanding of a detailed question you may have.  This is where the credit forums come in play.  The board is creditboards.com .  Be sure to bookmark it.   They also have a unique feature that I think is pretty cool.   Have you ever wondered what kind of credit score you need to get a particular card, etc?    Since applying for a credit card will ding your credit anywhere from 2 to 3 points,  it would pay you to see what a company requires BEFORE you apply and what the typical credit limit will be.  You can find this information on the credit boards as well.... but more specifically this link:  Credit Pulls Database.   You can play with the database in many different ways... put your credit score and state in and see what offers you will eligible for along with the typical credit limit.   Know BEFORE you apply for credit what you will need to be approved... If you don't meet the requirements,  don't bother applying for the card..  You could use those 2 to 4 points on your score at a later time.  Be sure to know what your credit score is... it can change dramatically over time....

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