Credit Pull Database Lookup

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Find out the minimum credit scores lenders require BEFORE applying.

Have you ever wondered what kind of credit score you need to get a particular card, etc?    Since applying for a credit card will ding your credit anywhere from 2 to 3 points,  it would pay you to see what a company requires BEFORE you apply and what the typical credit limit will be.  Find out using the table below..  You can play with the database in many different ways... put your credit score and state in and see what offers you will eligible for along with the typical credit limit.   Know BEFORE you apply for credit what you will need to be approved... If you don't meet the requirements,  don't bother applying for the card..  You could use those 2 to 4 points on your score at a later time.  Also, be sure to know what your credit score is... it can change dramatically over time....

TIP:   If you want to see everything in the database for each state.... leave search field blank and press search.


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