Day 2 – Road to Profitability – Checking Stats and Tweaking

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Day Two

Time Left To Profit

-331Days -2Hours -23Minutes -45Seconds

Sales 9/15/2016 @ 16:31   $0.00
Expenses 9/15/2016 @ 16:31   $26.07
Profit as of 9/15/2016 @ 16:31
Profit Goal:  $4250/month

I reduced the profit goal to match the one I did a review of a few days ago... the one that sold at auction.  I'm following the same business model.  They achieved in in less than 8 or 9 months. You can see that below:
Urban Wear Ecommerce Site for Sale. 

This is Day Two of my journey to making my Pet supplies store profitable in 14 days. 

Long Term Goal:   Sell within 12 Months after reaching profitability.

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Below is the General Journal with everything I have out of pocket on this project...  Ads and items that have yet to be billed and I haven't paid for yet are not included.
 Direct Link to General Journal

Mobile users: be sure to scroll up and down, left and right to see all the information.

Summary (the past 24 Hours)

  • I fixed the Google Analytics code... it is finally showing statistics on the site.
  • Added an exit popup so when people leave the store they are presented with a 35% off coupon. (free for 14 days then 9.99/month)
  • Added a Coupon Pop In so if people like the page on Facebook - they get a coupon code.  (free for 14 days then 9.99/month)
  • Added a Flash Sale on Facebook for 2.24/day that targets 500-1200 pet lovers focusing on certain Facebook pages.  I narrowed it down to 4 pages with people located in Columbus and Huntington.  I know,  very specific.
  • Created a Facebook Shop,  but you have to pay in advance and I didn't want to spend the money right now.  It's the only Storeya app that requires pre-payment.

I'm thinking that I am not allocating enough money to this project.  I would NEVER expect to open a brick and mortar pet store with less than $50.  By the time I paid rent, deposits, utilities,  supplies, inventory,  I would have around $4000 to $5000 invested.  I had about that much invested in my thrift shop to start off with.  So I think $1K would be a reasonable amount to start with... mainly for a marketing budget.  I can build the shop myself... so that saves a tremendous amount of time and money.  I can also (not sure how easily) convert the shop to another shopping platform hosted on WordPress.  All of Storya's apps are transferable to that platform as well.  For now though I am going to stick with the original plan,  at least for a few days.

Now for the numbers.  First I want to give a run down of the activity that's happened,  based on the campaign that was run.

Below are the current campaigns I have running:
Direct Link to Campaign Details

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