Days 5 and 6 The Road to Profit for My Virtual Pet Store

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Days Five and Six

Although this may not sound like a lot of money right now,  keep in mind this is the first week of operations.   I also can outsource the entire process if I wanted to while I sit at home, lay on the beach or enjoy a cocktail... It is also scale-able.  I have the option to increase my advertising budget or build/buy another niche shop.  Similar to the one below, the Urban Men's clothing site.  I'm also building a customer list and brand,  something that has tremendous value when I decide to sell.  A value you do not get when selling on Amazon or Ebay.  Think there is NO ROOM for more eCommerce sites?  Think the big players are the only game in town, squeezing you out?  That's limited thinking,  I know better.    I'm not saying it's easy.  But I am saying I will exhaust everything there is to exhaust before I deem it a failure.   We must learn from our failures and use them to continue building... the alternative is just not an option,  for me anyway.  

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Please note all activity was as of  9/19/2016  @ 16:39

Time Left To Profit

-328Days -2Hours -28Minutes -29Seconds

Previous Balance:  66.67
Note:  Sales after 9/17/2016 @ 16:32 were counted for 9/18/2016.
Advertising expenses after this date/time were also counted for 9/18/2016.

Sales 9/18/2016  $287.22
Sales 9/19/2016  @ 16:30  $191.21
Shipping Revenue 9/18/2016  $0.00
Shipping Revenue 9/19/2016  $0.00
Ad Expenses  9/18/2016  $41.10
Ad Expenses 9/19/2016  @ 16:30  $39.12
COGS Expense 9/18/2016    $98.12
COGS Expense 9/19/2016 @ 16:33    $87.12
Shipping Expense  9/18/2016   $31.22
Shipping Expense  9/19/2016  $23.21
Paypal Fees  9/18 and 9/19   $16.57

Profit as of 9/19/2016 @ 16:48   $239.86
Profit Goal: $4250/month within 32 weeks

Keep in mind,  the customer emails, likes, shares, views on Facebook will drive sales in the future.....  this is not accounted for in the profit calculations but has value.  

Direct Link to General Journal

Mobile users: be sure to scroll up and down, left and right to see all the information.

Again,  this does NOT reflect the customers  I've added to my marketing list that have purchased product (which is very valuable) or the traction I received with the commercial I posted on Facebook and the activity from my posts,  which were grown organically.   It also does not reflect labor expense that would be incurred for someone processing the sales.... I don't plan on doing that myself forever.   There is no shipping revenue since I am offering free shipping.

This is Day Five and Six of my journey to making my Pet supplies store profitable in 14 days.

Long Term Goal: Sell within 12 Months after reaching profitability.

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Summary (the past 48 Hours)

  1. Checked and posted stats and sales.
  2. Fulfilled orders to drop shipper.
  3. Answered 5 emails
  4. Created 3 targeted video ads and scheduled the for future posts.
  5. Paused non-performing campaigns
  6. Decided I will close the Shopify store and rebuild using WordPress and Woocommerce.
  7. I will keep Storeya but integrate it with the new platform.
  8. Created 3 new marketing plans.
  9. Researched new product additions and opportunities.
  10. Researched giving a portion of store profits to an animal charity.  Will post postings sometime in the future.
  11. Research contextual advertising on pet related websites.
  12. Researched Ebooks to sell on the Facebook page.
  13. Research outsourcing the product fulfillment and other daily tasks.
  14. Created a list of keywords for SEO


  1. Add 10 more product categories and up to 100 more products.
  2. Adjust marketing
  3. Fullfill orders
  4. Answer emails
  5. Start transitioning to WordPress and Shopify.
  6. Purchase the .com
  7. Do a daily marketing update instead of a total for each day.  This way we can keep track of trends, etc.
  8. Find a related ebook to sell or give away on Facebook page.  Collect email addresses.
  9. Make decision on the charity.
  10. Create an SEO plan with the keywords I found.

Below are the campaigns I started out with.... and will continue to update.  However,  I chose not to disclose any future campaigns as of 9/16/2016.
Direct Link to Campaign Details

Mobile users: be sure to scroll up and down, left and right to see all the information.


If you have ANY questions or see ANY errors,  PLEASE leave them in the comments section... I do make mistakes from time to time.  

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