Dealing with Rude People – Should We Even Bother?

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I generally am a "nice" person...  especially when dealing with the public.  I have noticed in previous years that many real estate brokers and agents don't follow this "nice" policy..  I am not sure if it is the nature of the business or what the reason,  but it seems to be common place with a select few in our area.  I can tolerate rudeness,  but the interaction that took place on the phone today was beyond rude.   This is the note that I am emailing them via their website.....   I am not one to stir up trouble,  anyone who knows me will tell you that... But when I feel that an indiscretion has occurred,  I am going to let the the offending party know about it and everyone else....     in this case, the broker of the real estate company.   Can we really afford to be rude these days????


Missed Opportunity and Your Rude Employee


Dear Sir;
First off I would like to acknowledge I have respect for your company and the role it has played in Huntington over the years. In fact, my parents bought their first home from Mcguire almost 30 years ago.   Because of your position in the community ,  I believe people expect a lot of your company, which can be both good and bad.  Unfortunately,  my business was not given the professionalism I thought was deserving from your staff who answered the telephone at the main office on Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

I can say with certainity that you are both respected and  well connected in this great city in which we both live.  It can also be said that myself and four partners are well connected both within and outside of our community via the internet and other related channels.  We participate in several online forums and communities and are in the process of creating our own "virtual empire" residing in tandem with our collective physical assets.  Similiar to yourself in years past, we intend on creating wealth on many different fronts.  I only mention this because we are four enlightened, well funded and educated group of men that intend on making money in Huntington and elswhere.  Because of this,  we expect a certain level of respect or at the very least, common courtesy when we call on a business to inquire about their services.

When we called your company we were greeted with "attitude" and "resentment" that we felt was undeserving.  Furthermore, the phone was not even answered professionally.  What ever happened to old fashioned manners?   Answering the phone announcing your name and company is customary, is it not?    Regardless,  I did a blog post articulating my experience with Mcguire Realty.  It is my sincere hope that you will correct the situation that disgruntled us so, I wish the best for you and your company as we move forward into the future.  I simply wanted you to be aware of our experience,  I am certain you would not have been pleased yourself.    You may read the post detailing our interaction with your employee below:

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