Photo by Sean Loyless

Don’t Listen

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Photo by Sean Loyless
Photo by Sean Loyless

Ever since I can remember,  people accused me of "not listening", living in a fantasy world, zoning out or "just not getting it."  It's followed me around to this very day. One thing they are right about though, is I don't listen.

I don't listen if someone says I am less than anyone else.

I don't listen if someone says I'm not good enough now and I have to prove myself in life.

I don't listen if told  I'm not as worthy as the greatest human beings who've lived.

I don't listen if someone says I'm limited in any way.

I don't listen if someone says I can't be who I want to be or do what I love to do and earn a living from it.

If I followed in the direction I'm often led,  I'd put limits on myself. But more importantly it is not true. There is not a single thing or person on this earth that's too good for me or too good to be true.

If someone tells me otherwise, I just don't listen.

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