Happiness – It’s Really Just a Simple Formula

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“The Law of Attraction or the Law of Love is one and the same.” -Charles F. Haanel

Our minds play a critical role in the emotions we feel and how we allow these emotions to play out in our life. Yes we allow it. I'm not saying you can control when you feel sad. What I am saying is you CAN control how it effects your life. You can replace any negative feeling with a positive one. Positive feelings are simply degrees of love. Negative feelings are degrees of a lack of love. I'm not talking about love as in loving your favorite food or tv show. I'm speaking of love as the positive force of life.

Think of an empty glass of water. You can't fill the glass with water  by declaring war on the emptiness. The emptiness is gone when you fill it with more water. When you are sad or unhappy you are empty of love. The only way to correct this is to fill your life with love. That can be many different things. It can be simply thinking of someone who makes you laugh. It can be doing something nice for another human being.  It can be calling your best friend on the phone. You know what makes your heart sing, you know what makes you happy. Use those things to fill your life with love. I promise you, it will come back to you in ways you can only imagine now.

We don't have to be victims of our circumstances. We don't have to be victims of our emotions.  Many times people use their minds and the law of attraction against themselves instead of using them to live the life they were meant to live. You are meant to live a life of bliss,  a life of happiness, a life of joy.  You were not born to suffer. What would be the point?

Life is very simple. Many times we make it more complicated than it really needs to be. You must be happy now to bring happiness into your life through the law of attraction. It can't happen any other way. It's a  very simple formula. Happiness attracts happiness. Yet people use so many excuses as to why they can't be happy. They use excuses of debt, excuses of health, excuses of relationships, and excuses of all sorts of things as to why they can't use this simple formula. But the formula is the law.

No matter what the excuse, unless you begin to feel happy despite it, you cannot attract happiness. You can not attract happy people.  You can not attract happy things. You are literally blocking all the good from coming into your life. The law is absolute. The law is perfection.

The law of attraction is saying to you right now,  "Be happy now, and as long as you keep doing that, I will give you unlimited happiness." Doesn't that sound easy?

It really IS that easy. Your life will evolve into one that you can only imagine now if you just stay happy.  When you remain in a constant state of bliss you will notice the universe lining up things for you that you never thought were possible. People and opportunities will just pour into your life. This will seem to happen so sudden it will almost take your breath away. But you used the law to your advantage. You used the law to fill your life with love. You used the law to give love to other people. You can never go wrong with love. I promise you this.

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