Hawking Your Wares in Foreign Countries – A Data Driven Approach

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The thoughts of selling product in a foreign country can seem like an overwhelming task. However, using data that is freely available and sticking to a language you are fluent in (or have someone handy who is fluent) you can reap the rewards of true global commerce. Depending on the ecommerce model you use, will determine the approach that you take.   Dropshipping is by far the easiest way to trade internationally....   which is what I am going to focus on for this discussion.

Google provides a great tool called Google Trends..  It is free but they do not allow you to export the info easily.  I'm looking into building some kind of script to do it for me...  but for now it must be done by hand.  I enjoy doing it and I don't want anyone else knowing my golden nuggets..  so I usually do it myself.

Using google trends you can tell what areas of the world a product is popular in.   You can narrow it down by state (in the US) and metro area.  Below is a brief video of me doing just that.  I use this method to push one product at a time on Facebook.   Using the data that I extract from Google Trends,  I can pinpoint my ads where people are most likely to be looking for what I'm selling.  It's kinda like finding out where the fish are before you go fishing,  right?   Watch the video below and then you'll see a spreadsheet at  the bottom with my findings.  I will use retargeting (more on that later) and Facebook to drive people to my offer.  I have a product that I drop ship on one of my female products websites...     The product I'm hawking to my female customers has a 600% markup with FREE shipping.  Why is this more profitable than selling on Amazon or Ebay you may ask?   Because I'M in charge.. I own the customer and I can promote to them as I see fit.  I don't have to rely on outside sources to get customers.  I can create as many of these niche shops as my time or budget will allow.

Think the internet is saturated because of Amazon, Ebay and the like?   THINK AGAIN!   It's so easy to fall into that trap,  but that's limited thinking.   The key is to NOT be the Walmart of the Internet and offer thousands of products.   The KEY is to offer limited products at a discounted rate and be the first to sell to the person wanting what you are selling.  Easy stuff, right?

Anyway,  I disclose to my email list my marketing successes AND failures..  Learn from my mistakes.  If interested,  give me your email and you'll be the first to know.  The world TRULY is YOUR oyster.  Now get BUSY!!



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