A Brief Introduction

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I am not going to bore you with the details of my existence,  most of you are here for one reason and that is how to make money..   If you want to learn a little more about my personal life,  visit my Myspace Page.

I think you agree that knowledge is power,  I have been accumulating the "knowledge to be independent" for over 15 years.  I have not worked for someone in almost 10 years....  My quest for independence actually started before that.  I worked for a large company after college that will remain nameless for obvious reasons,  mainly I do not want to give them any free advertising...   during my tenure at this faceless company I constantly was  looking for something to free myself from the proverbial  grind..  I was reading a few interesting books during the time,  namely "The Millionaire Mind" and "Multiple Streams of  Internet Income".  Both inspired me...   my dream was not to live a life full of riches, fancy cars and everything that goes along with that lifestyle.. This would be fine of course if it happened, but it was not my primary goal or concern.  My primary goal was to "be my own boss".  It almost sounds cliche,  everyone wants to be their own boss... However,   I wanted to be the 5% of the people that actually did something about it (being their own boss).   Sadly,  I can tell 100 people exactly what to do and the steps to take to actually make their dream happen and work from home, never having to step foot in the office again.. but only a handful of people (if that many) will actually do anything about it and make it a reality.  That is why the people 'selling the shovel' get rich,  they are not concerned about telling their secrets (although you never get all of them)  they know that statistically only a handful of people will do anything with the information.

So,  there you have it....  my website will focus on teaching anyone that stumbles upon my little place on the web on how they can make it on their own...  I will be honest with you,  I am not going to share everything I know with you,  everyone needs to figure things out for themselves.. I will show you some of what I know,  you can add and subtract what you need to fulfil your goals.  I will show you some money I have received and checks that I get... this is not to brag (I am a very modest person)  but it is  the "proof" that many people require to free their minds and let them know I am serious and actually practice what I preach.

I can sit here and say that I make 5K a day,  but would you really believe me?   So just remember,  I am a modest person that does not brag,  but I do want to show people that virtually anything is possible when it comes to wanting to work for yourself... I have for almost 10 years.   I have a lot to say.. and it can not all be said in this brief introduction.   I have hundreds of websites,  some make money, some do not....  Some of them I personally own,  some of them companies that I control and operate own... but that is a lesson for later, isn't it?  You need to protect yourself.... think making money is fun?  Think is it is difficult?  Well KEEPING it is just as difficult.... I can teach you how to do that as well... just some tricks I have learned over the years.. Sometimes it pays to be inquisitive,  sometimes it does not.  I do not waste my time with bullshitters and tire kickers... When I decide to do something I do it.. The same goes for me personally.. if someone does not like me for some reason,  it is their loss..  Cliche I know,  but very true.  I have a lot to offer and try to learn from everyone as well.    But contrary to the 90's song "I ain't too Proud to Beg",  I do not beg anyone to like me nor do I beg for anything for that matter.....  I can be very out spoken when the mood hits (and yes I am moody) so if you do not like it,  then all I can say is c'est la vie....   It really does not matter to me... I am far from arrogant or cocky,  but I really am a busy person and have no time for drama or bullshit.  If you want to bullshit me,  have something to back it up, ok?   If you want to make some money and have an open mind, then let's talk.  I am still learning and everyone has something to offer.

I do not let one passion or person run my life... I have multiple things going on and I suggest everyone do the same.   I have more than one friend, more than one idea, more than one business... I only have one ME and one significant other...   I honestly believe you can not have enough friends... some are close of course (few) but most are acquaintances that never really get to know the real you..    Everyone has a mentor,  I have mine,  one that I have learned a great deal  is Russell Brunson.  Google his name,  you may just like what you see.

Just remember,  being independent is  a learning process...  you need to study,  read and make mistakes.  I have made many mistakes, lost quite a bit of money and continue to do so...  But I NEVER give up....  that is what is about itsn't it?  When you were learning to ride a bicycle,  you didn't stop because you didn't immediately get on it and started riding?  You fell,  got back up on it and tried again.. until eventually you knew what you were doing.  That is what I did... but in my case (and possibly yours) it is a life long process... I do know though,  I will never work for someone again...  I can loose everything but I will pick what pieces remain and start again.. only learning from my mistakes... You can not be robbed of your life experiences or education... There are just too many opportunities out there to waste my time in the unemployment line.

If I was forced to give one piece of advice,  it would be to pay attention to your surroundings..  Listen to what people are saying and doing.  You can really zero in on what someone is about after just a few interactions.   Pay attention to them,  do you have anything to learn?  Are they willing to teach?   I have learned from many people..  I would like one day to name each one and how they have impacted my life.  But that is for the day I am a Zillionaire philanthropist  and need to write my autobiography!  There are several people that have really impacted my views on life and business... I am not going to pretend and make you believe that I am the most admired person on earth.. because I certainly am not.  I have pissed  people off I am sure..  but as noted earlier,  I have no time for bullshit, drama or narrow mindedness.   I also have zero patience for those who jump to conclusions ...racists, liars, cheats, conformist and religious zealots.. Now I, of course am a God fearing person, but religion has it's place.. I am aware that we are in the United States and not everyone shares my views on religion and the like.... so I keep it out out my business life and avoid the subject... enough said.

Anyway stay tuned,  I plan on discussing everything money.. because I love money and I love freedom... so if you enjoy talking about these subjects then join me...  Like I said,  I am into about everything... from internet marketing to real estate.. and everything in between.  So there is a lot of ground to cover.  I am going to start with the basics of internet marketing in the next few days..   Good Luck out there.  Stay tuned for much more.

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