Hot Dog Equipment

Spoke with Natalie from about purchasing a hot dog stand.... You can listen to the conversation and see what you think and go from there... I can tell you that you don't have to have perfect equipment to do this..... You may want to call back allamerican and ask if they have any used equipment available....   I spoke to her as Aaron..... who may be credit challenged, etc.

Conversation with All American Hot Dogs

Questions to ask the Finance Person:

1. What kind of credit score is necessary? I don't want a ding on my credit if the chances I am to be approved are none.

2. What is the interest rate?

3. What are the payments and term?

4. Are there are prepayment penalties

5. Can I apply online?

Here are the details I took from the conversation regarding loan contact info:

stu sable

888=479=9111 ext 4280


tell him natalie from allamericanhotdogs referred you..

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