How to Get on My Shit List: A Tutorial

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shit-listWe all have a mental shit list in our heads, right? But if you're anything like me (stubborn and getting fed up with people's BS...) your shit list is constantly changing, ahem growing and it gets hard to keep track of. Not any more! Now I can manage my shit list on the go, at any time, and anywhere. Cut me off in traffic? Guess whose license plate number is going on my shit list? Ignore my text or phone call when I have an important question to ask? Owe me money? Have a shitty attitude? Say something that just rubs me the wrong way?   Post something I didn't like on social media?  Guess what? You'll be on there along with a screenshot of what you said..

As much as I try to see only the good in people (and so should you) sometimes people are just assholes... there is no way to make what I just said pretty. They just are.  You can put lipstick on a pig all you want, but it's still a pig, right? Although not everything or everyone should elicit a response.. I do like to keep track of the people and what they do that just pisses me off. I find comfort in knowing that if I ever run into said asshole again (online or off) I have a reason to 1. not even acknowledge their presence 2. not do business with them 3. deny a favor they ask of me.... 4. Remove them from my social circles, online and off... or just whatever. Sometimes i forget why I don't necessarily care for a person... that's why I often take 10 seconds of my time and write down the shitty things they do. Depending on the severity of each infraction dicates my course of action, if any...

Being a data junky with an entrprenuerial spirit, I contemplated bringing an app or website to the masses so they can do the same as me... surely I'm not the only one, right? After some preliminary research I found a BOOK, YES a physical book with thousands of sales on Etsy... it offers nothing more than the words "My Shit List" on a black leather bound book of blank paper. I thought to myself, surely I can do better than that!! So my wheels began to turn... and they continue to do so.

As you probably have guessed, this isn't a tutorial of how to get on my shit list... it's stricly click bait. Don't like it? Go ahead and add me to YOUR list. But want to know how to stay off mine, if you in fact even care.... Easy there, you may have some use for me in the future... so tread lightly, ok? It's pretty easy actually, just don't be an asshole. Think of someone besides yourself every once in awhile.

Though this was click bait, it did in fact  serve as a mental outlet to share just one of my hundreds of ideas. Will I pursue it? Maybe I will, maybe I won't. But I just wanted to put it out there in the cyberverse so it becomes part of my permanent "INFOMORPH DNA". So the data crunchers and miners will know I was one of the "first" or one of the "few" to have the idea..

Until I decide to pursue something of this nature.... I do keep a shit list... Does it surprise you? I'm a data driven guy... the devil is in the details. I can predict a person's behaviour based on my experiences with them. Unfortunately I have so many interactions on a daily basis, it's easy for everyone to start looking the same. So I write things down. Anyway, I currently keep my shit list in a neat little app called Memento... I have also kept some of them in Air Table... both can be exported and the data manipulated as I see fit. I actually keep it online, it's updated in real time... Is there a need for this? Absolutely not, noone really cares. But it really gets me off knowing that if someone did a search for your name, maybe, just maybe, my website will pop up with my complaints against you. If I felt so inspired I probably could make that happen... it's kinda ez to manipulate the search results for people's names.. unless you're lucky enough to share a name with a celebrity... But I digress..

Below is a screenshot of some records I imported into Airtable from a couple of years ago.....  just so you know I don't dick around.... I include any and all details I have about the person, company or entity in question... including screenshots of what they post in social media and/or anything else I can readily find without spending a lot of time on it.




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