Incompetency and Apathy

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are the words I use to describe the employee of St. Mary's Medical Center who "treated" and "diagnosed" my sister for strep throat. As most are aware there is an epidemic of swine flu that has everyone up in arms, paranoid and afraid. Swine flu is not a big deal for those that are healthy or lack underlying conditions... but when combined with someone who has a compromised immune system, it could and does spell serious trouble. I mention this because the incompetent employee would not take the time to test my sister for swine flu, knowing how serious a situation that could arise, when coupled with strep throat or any other illness for that matter. When I was made aware of this, I was livid to say the least.... Did I mention that she works for St. Mary's? Can you believe employee health would not take the time to perform an act that could save thousands of lives? This may sound a little dramatic, but is it? I think not... all it takes is one person to expose another, so on and so forth. It baffles my mind how someone (especially in the medical field) can demonstrate such apathy towards their chosen profession. God forbid if they leave five or ten minutes late... to test my sister.... This is a big deal to me, I would love to publish details on what happened, but I do not go looking for trouble... She could potentially have been very sick, exposing people that she is working with, as well as patients, whom I assume are very susceptable to the swine flu to begin with. I do not claim to be a medical expert, I simply attempt to demonstrate common sense... however, if there is a reason why testing my sister was reasonably unneccessary, I would love to hear it, it just makes absolutely zero sense to me why this was allowed to commence, or not commence, depending on the light in which you look into the situation.

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