Invest in Dope –  Just dont Peddle It..

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Cannibis penny stocks have birthed many newly minted millionaires. I don't recommend penny stocks unless you really know what you are doing. I also suggest playing with stock market simulators before you invest your hard earned cash. If it were easy everyone would be rich. 

The fact is it's not easy.. it requires a lot of research, time, focus and money. You'll also likely incur some losses along the way. But after some practice (using a simulator) you can become an expert in penny stocks and join the ranks of the many well off people who have done so many times before. 

Below is an hourly snapshot of American Cannibis for a day not too long ago. 

See the article below on Strategic  Tech Investor  titled "Legal Weed is Creating a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity". 

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