Last Day in Waikiki

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Today is our last day in Waikiki.... We are still staying in Honololu but going on the other end of the island about 50 minutes away to where the Ko Olina Golf Club is hosting the LGPA Lotte championship.  No,  we are not golf fans,  we just happened to be visiting friends there.  One thing I've noticed about Honolulu the past couple of years is how "nice" drivers are... considering how big the city is,  rarely do you hear horn honking.. we are on Waikiki right smack in the middle and I can count on ONE hand,  YES one hand, the number of times I have heard a horn honk... and we've been here 3 days.   It was the same last year.. we rarely heard anyone honking their horn or the road rage you often experience in bigger cities.  There is just a general laid back feeling here... I'd live here (at least part time) in a second if real estate or renting wasn't so expensive.. I'm sure if I looked hard enough we could find something that fits the bill.  Luckily my career path (for the lack of a better word,  career suggests employment, and that I'm NOT)...  enables us to live anywhere in the world we can communicate with the outside... of course I couldn't and wouldn't live on an isolated island for any length of time but I would definitely love for Hawaii to be our home away from home.  We are actually going to be leaving the big city of Honololu altogether on Saturday going to a smaller island.  We will arrive back in Honololu to leave for home...   Someone asked me earlier if I would miss the hub bub of Waikiki and my reply was no... we have a car.. and driving is not the unpleasant experience as it can be in other big cities..


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