Met someone interesting over the weekend

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I have always been fascinated with far a way places. One of the top places on my bucket list to visit is Australia.  I find the entire continent very interesting. My fascination with Australia started at a very young age in elementary. I remember studying it and just really being drawn. Ive studied it quite a bit to never have actually gone there...  Admittedly,  I have learned  more than anyone reading this would care to know.

I've met two native Australians in my lifetime one of which was last night. The other one was at a real estate seminar in Las Vegas a few years ago. It fascinates me even to this day how social media has brought the entire world closer to one another. The Internet has gone social and there is no turning back. Is so cool to meet someone in your hometown that has never even been here and hails from a half a world away.

Typical of myself I was starting to hound him with a rise of questions about the country and his life there. One because I was skeptical at first that he was actually from Australia and two I was going to take advantage of the limited opportunity I had to speak to a native. It did not take me long to be   sufficiently satisifed that he was a native Australian. He answered questions that only someone who lived there would know.. or someone who has studied it extensively like myself....  but I highly doubted that was the case... I pride myself in detecting people who attempt to deceive me and am seldom wrong.  I may let them continue with their charade,  but I always know the truth.

He was a very nice guy and regretfully probably wont get to chat with him again. I always enjoy meeting new people.

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