Missing Hawaii – Mokolii and Chinaman’s Hat

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Video of Me at Chinaman's Hat - LOVE this place!

One of my favorite places in Hawaii is a small, quiet park on the Windward Coast called Kualoa Regional Park.  There is something magical about the place and away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu.  It is a short drive from Waikiki over the mountainous Pali Highway.   It is almost like you entered another country (a country within Hawaii,  because the islands themselves are nothing like I've ever seen).

There is an island called Chinaman's Hat,  you can see it in the video below.   Of course,  going over to visit via kayak would be treacherous (for me anyway) since the waves were quite large and the wind was blowing pretty heavy that day,  but many people do it.  Unbelievably,  there are those that even swim over the island.   I wouldn't recommend it though since the currents in Hawaii can be unpredictable and high tide can come in sooner than you think.  There is a reason Hawaii is called the drowning capital of the world.   The swimming isn't great here since the beach is narrow and the ocean bottom is shallow with some rocky patches.  But then again,  I only got in the water in Waikiki near our hotel where there were life guards, which I would highly recommend.   Getting in the ocean in Hawaii can be very dangerous if you're not careful.

Another interesting thing about his location is the Kualoa Ranch,  where countless TV shows and movies have been filmed,  such as Jurassic Park, Hawaii 5-0,  LOST, Pearl Harbour and Godzilla.   The public can visit this ranch but we did not get to go this time around.   On our next journey to Hawaii I intend on visiting.    I made a website about our travels to Hawaii but had to take it down because the WP install was attacked by spammers... I've yet to fix it but will very soon.  Hawaii is a magical place,  my dream is to spend part of my life there (in Honolulu) and part in my hometown of Huntington.   There is a very interesting show called Hawaii Life on HGTV,  it has been added to my que of shows to watch.   I have also found a good place to find real estate in Hawaii on Hawaii Life.com.   Real estate can be tricky in Hawaii,  I wrote a post about it on LandlordsJournal.com if you're interested.


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