Necessity is the Mother of Invention –

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Computer problems, everyone has them.... there are different kinds of problems, everything from the mundane personal software, phone problems to complex networking problems... I am working on a new site to help businesses and individuals alike get answers to their questions by texting, emailing or remote support. I intend on starting with a small staff at first and limiting open hours....

Of course I don't have the time to run this kind of site... I plan on getting it up and running, hiring some inexpensive labor in the beginning then scaling up. I have spent awhile getting the site set up and still have some work to do.. It will be a nice addition to my family of websites. Go ahead and give it a try... I am still working on the phone however...  The infrastructure for this site will also be used to build a "virtual meeting" site similiar to   What I'm building will serve many different purposes... it is the same technology,  simply wrapped in a different package.    I will discuss the new project in more detail sometime later in the week.

You can also visit the project at

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