Niche Blogging – A New Experiment

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I am starting a new experiment on a very interesting niche that I just happen to stumble upon... based on something my partners and I have been interested in for some time now... You can follow the progress on my marketing experiment blog, but I will break it down for you a little bit here.... I chose the "donut business" niche.

It has 1800 searches per month for this term and 61K competing sites. So as you can see it would be fairly easy to rank for this search term. I am contemplating on turning it into a bans (build a niche store) site and promote Ebay items. The products that Ebay has for this niche can be quite expensive so it could generate some nice cash this way.. I do not feel that Google Adwords would be appropriate nor CPA ads. I am looking into other possibilities as well for monetization. I have some first hand knowledge on the subject due to my research, so I will not employ any ghostwriters, so costs will be minimal. I will keep you posted as time progresses.. as always, you can follow the progress on my marketing experiment blog.

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