People Kill Me!

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We've been dealing with our apartment building all week..... We thought we were rid of the trouble makers up until a couple weeks ago.   We have a guy that is a roommate of one of our Section 8 tenants.... From my understanding this guy is not even supposed to have anyone living with him... which I only think is fair since the government is paying his way and the 22 year old "roommate" is basically using him for free housing.  I would not have a problem with this as much but the guy has caused us a lot of trouble.

He was a former tenant of ours before he moved into our Section 8 apartment and abandoned his apartment.     He has been gone from his apt for months and had the nerve to ask me a couple weeks ago if he could have his deposit back,  of course the answer was no!  Especially since he had left the place a crap hole and has been partying up there ever since.  It is my fault for letting the place go and not locking it up, etc once he moved out....

When I finally did lock up the place,  they guy went nuts on me...  He was upset because (even though the place had no electricity) he was using it as a party station for him and his friends.   I wasn't going to argue with the guy so I called the police,   his smart mouth got him arrested and taken to the station where I had to fill out a police report.  They basically told me I should have him formally evicted even though it has been months since he was in the apartment.

You would think after all of this,  the dumb *^!@( would stay on the down low..... NO!!!   he busted down an entrance door that all tenants have a key for....  apparently in broad daylight.   I want this guy gone!   I am at odds with myself because our Section 8 tenant is still under lease until late this year....   I have already decided he is not an asset to our building and have decided not to renew his lease....  that is where the problem lies,  I can't tolerate this for that long.... I am seriously considering complaining to his case worker and getting an emergency eviction..  This may result in him loosing his housing voucher... but I have warned him repeatedly about the company he is keeping and the trouble his so called roommate is causing.  I have posted my dilemma in some forums,  should be getting some interesting responses.

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