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Are You Settling for Less than You Deserve? Are You OK with Being Average? 

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I've been thinking a lot about "settling" and just letting yourself succumb to a life of mediocrity. What does that mean exactly? I think It means different things for different people.

What I will say is that mediocrity is crowded.. but when you rise up to excellence you'll find there is a lot of space. Are you satisfied with being mediocre? If you no longer desire mediocrity, you won’t be mediocre. Herein lies a subtle and disarming truth — everything you have in your life is what you want. If you wanted something different, you’d have something different.

Own it.

Until you own it, you’ll continue to be delusional. Once you own it, you can begin the process of change.

If it’s normal, it’s average. If it’s average, it’s probably closer to mediocre than you really want to be.

Average is getting a C in class.

Average is being overweight.

Average is being negative often and positive rarely.

Average is living far beneath your value-system and your dreams.

Do you really want to be average?

You have immense power and control over your life. Wisely ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

It doesn't matter how much education you possess, how much money you have or even how or where you grew up. What matters is your desire to be the best version of you possible. Sometimes in order to be the best versions of ourselves we must clear the weeds from the garden.

To do this, remove anything, everything and anyone from your life that contradicts your highest values and ideals. Remove those who make you feel less as a person. Remove those who keep you separated from your birthright - which is to be happy and fulfilled. Remove the energy vampires. Remove anything or anyone who takes more than they give or whose value is less than the price you are paying.

Do yourself a favor and just remove everything that makes you unhappy.

Your time on this planet is fleeting. Your life on this planet, by Universal standards, is very very short. Don't waste precious time and limited energies on regret, unhappiness and uncertainity. Dont waste time on settling for less than what you deserve. Don't waste precious time on chasing those people who don't want to be chased.

Release everything that doesn't make your heart sing and send it on its way, never to return.

Don't make this harder than it needs to be. Please don't.

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