Renters From Hell

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I am primarily a marketer but I also dabble (as most of you know) in about anything that will legally turn a buck.... I have had some real estate holdings for quite some time... I have just recently managed to remove myself from the day to day managing of the property and hired a property manager.... I also have some good friends that will check on things for me periodically.. Someone that had lived in our 10 unit building recently moved, they were there for about 4 years, always paid on time, etc. The problem was they were filthy dirty... I had been at the foot of their doorstep many a time and could just see that they were living in filth. To make a long story short they left a huge mess, one that my friends and apartment manager said they have never seen the likes of. Keep in mind, these people do not exagerate. They told me I need to really see for myself to appreciate the mess that was left... Here are a couple of pictures a friend took, he said it does not do it justice. How do people live like this, I mean honestly!!! I intend on uploading video of the place once I make a personal visit... I should post their names to warn other landlords!! geez

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