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So you are wondering how all this stuff about positive thinking has anything to do with making money.  Well... you really need to have a good attitude when you are working for yourself. Working for yourself almost demands a positive attitude.  Couple that with perseverance and persistence and you have a winning combination.  The problem lies in the fact people get so overwhelmed in life and just keeping up that they have no idea of where to begin.  Everyone has to start somewhere.   There are a million and one ways to make money,  without having to "work for someone".  Some are online, some offline, some work better than others.. You need to decide for yourself.   I have had everything from a cleaning business to participating in MLM.  Each have their advantages.   I invest in real estate for long term gain,  I could not pay my bills off of my real estate holdings.  Many people today are struggling just to stay alive (or quit their 9 to 5 job) let alone invest in something long term.

I would never recommend investing in real estate until you have your financial house in order.  Real estate can literally ruin you... It can also make you very wealthy given enough time.   To get your financial house in order,  I would highly recommend Suze Ormann,  she really can say what you need to know much better than I can...   I do not agree with 100% of what she says,  she gives kind of an "advice for the masses"  she fails to mention that one piece of advice does not necessarily work the same for thousands of people who may have the same problem.

I am going to do something fun,  because I always enjoy looking at other people's numbers, for the simple fact that it motivates me and gives me hope.  I have several EBay sellers that I have tracked since 2000.... I loved looking at all the money they brought in and sales they made.. it motivated me to find out how they do it.  As previously mentioned,  I have hundreds of websites....  I am going to give you a sneak peak at some of the traffic these sites see in any given day... I just saved this screen shot at about 715pm so the day is not complete yet.. My stats server is on Pacific time so we still have a few hours until the day is over.... Anyway, here it goes,  enjoy.

If you think I have put the best performing sites on the list you would be highly mistaking....  I am not foolish enough to expose everything.  With a little research and knowledge of the internet and google,  you could discover entirely too much information.  Some of you have different skill sets so I need to protect my interests and the integrity of my "system".

If you are looking for "The Secret" Videos, click on the link.  I urge you to watch them... watch them with your friends and family if possible.   If you are looking for my Intro,  you may click on the About Me Page or click to go directly there.

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