Golden Energy – Ascending to a Higher Plane of Existence E=MC2

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“The Law of Attraction or the Law of Love, it is one and the same.” -Charles F. Haanel

The Universe is governed by natural laws. We can fly in an airplane because aviation works in harmony with the natural laws. The laws of physics didnt change just so we could fly. But we found a way to work in accordance with the natural law. Just as the laws of physics govern aviation, there is a law that governs love...the most powerful law in the Universe - the law of attraction.

To harness the positive force and change your life, you must first understand exactly how love works.

Unfortunately, many are desperate to find the answers to life’s ultimate questions. They search for happiness and prosperity, seeking them in the wrong places. They seek the perfect partner. They seek perfection.  They  covet career achievement, optimal health, wonderful relationships or success in their finances. But they continue manifesting frustration and disappointment instead. They do not realize that what they truly seek is LOVE. Why? Because Love is the greatest force in the Universe and the only power that can give you everything you desire. There is nothing that resists Love. It is the sole force of creation. It is the golden energy that sparks harmony, peace, joy and the ultimate expression of spirit.

If you feel excitement, joy and passion for your desired outcomes, you manifest them quickly. If you desire career success (self fulfillment), a great body (your health) wonderful family (or a romantic relationship) or abundant finances (to pay for your physical life experience), Love will give them to you. When you sustain a feeling of Love toward everything else in your life, you arrive at the infinity of creation. You are in a constant state of positive attraction.

Many people are frustrated with the Law of Attraction because they have tried to harness its power in an awkward way. They attempt to use the law of attraction to magnetize that which they desire. Nevertheless, they are applying the Law in an “upside down” fashion. You must first experience Love in order to attract that which you intend to posses. If there is an absence of Love, there is no attraction of that which you are wishing. In fact, you are actually attracting the opposite.  Like attracts like. So the only thing you attract from a state of lack is more of it. Wonderful, positive loving feelings are necessary in order to attract that which fulfills you.

Love is the purest feeling and the power that sustains nature. When you experience Love, you are bathing in the light of the greatest power in the Universe. You attract what you love, because, from your passion, gratitude and appreciation, you are experiencing the most positive feelings. You transcend negative circumstances and ascend to a higher plane of existence. Love is the highest and grandest feeling. It created people, animals, vegetation and everything that you can touch, see, feel,  smell and hear. It created the Universe. Love is the essence of life. Without Love, there would be no creation. Without Love there would be no YOU.

In order to attract your desires, you must first love. You also need to release all attachment. Attachment negates Love.  Love offers all and lacks absolutely nothing.

God is Love. So if you say you love God, you must love his creation first. The creation being you. The creation being your surroundings. The creation being the people you love, even the ones you don't love.  You must love to receive love.  You must love to harness the positive force it offers..

I have come to learn this to be the truth. You can never fix a bad situation with negativity... a bad situation only surrenders when it's forced to shine in the positive force of life - Love.   You have a choice to make.   Whether you realize or even understand it,  you have been making this choice all of your life.  What are you choosing for yourself at this very moment?    This decision will affect not only your life,  but everyone else as well,  so choose carefully.

The good news is,  a good outcome is nearby when you choose to react positively to something negative,   even if it's not immediately understood. Love is the positive force of life and any negative situation always arises from a lack of it.   Love is really just basic science,   some of us just understand it better than others.   We use our understanding of love to live the life we want.   Learn to love,  learn to harness its power and I promise you ,  your life will never be the same again.

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