United Airlines CEO explains why the Boeing 747 jumbo jet will soon go away

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Pan Am is where my fascination with airplanes begain. I remember sitting in the terminal at JFK waiting to board this mammoth of an airplane. The view I remember is exactly like the picture in my video below. My first flight (that I remember) was in the late 70's and early 80's so flying was still a novelty of sorts... a time when you got dressed up or at least looked half way presentable. A time when the flight attendants were dressed to the nines. As a young child I was fascinated with anything to do with airplanes... whether it be the planes themselves, the airports where the drop off and pick up passengers to the toys they passed out to the kids that flew. I only flew Pan Am overseas.... I'm not even sure if they had domestic flights, if they did I believe they were limited. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Below the curated content you'll find a Youtube video on the Pan Am Flight Experience. It's a recreation of what it was like to fly on a Pan Am jetliner. It is definitely on my bucket list of things to go, see and do. Sort of remember my days as a child flying on this fascinating airline. I also included some links for my fellow airline enthusiasts to enjoy....


The Pan Am Experience -  located in Los Angeles - get a glimpse of what flying on a Pan Am 747 is really like.

Everything Pan Am - A Virtual Pan Am museum, very cool!!

Come Fly with Me - A British mockumentary (enter Come Fly with Me in Youtube for episodes)

Air Africanns -  A flight attendent comedy,  VERY FUNNY!  The link is to one of my favorite skits.   (enter Air Africanns in Youtube for episodes)

Fun Fact -  The flight attendants have British sounding accents due to South Africa once being a British colony.... many South Afrians have British or African accents... even though they ceased being a colony in 1961.

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