Wallace Wattles and Warrren Buffet

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I have come to the conclusion that my business philosophies are a hybrid of Wattles and Buffett. Of course there's a lot more information on Warren Buffet than there is Wattles but I find them both intriguing nevertheless. Though I love " The Science of Getting Rich" doing so has never been my primary mission in life. My mission has and continues to be that of freedom. FREEDOM to do as I want when I please... with money being a precipitant of being happy and fulfilled. Money is only a tool.. a tool to help you live a comfortable and satisfying life.

I love being an entrepreneur. There is nothing I can think of that would afford me the freedom I have to choose as well the ability to create on so many levels. I also find comfort that my companies and investments can continue to live per my instructions long after I leave my body.

Wattles and Buffett are wildly different in many ways but I can relate to both... at the same time I do not agree with all of their teachings. I find it interesting that Wallace Wattles death at age 51 was regarded as "untimely" by his daughter (even though the average life expectancy for a male born in 1860 in the U.S. was 42 years), since in the previous year he had not he had not only published two books (The Science of Being Well and The Science of Getting Rich). Buffet on the other hand is in his 80's and last I heard was doing well. Just imagine their respective accomplishments relative to their age.. I have and think about it often.

Though these two are exemplory of extreme success in their generation.. there are countless others earning their independence in the digital age we are all part of. People not even of legal drinking age earning six figures... more than many professionals who have advanced degrees behind their nsmr. Doesnt seem quite right, does it? Or is it? Anything is truly possible!

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