2012: The Future is Really Here. High Tech Glasses

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Everyone knows I love everything Google, whether it be their operating system, browser or of course their search engine... they have been an innovator on many fronts.  Who doesn't love Google?   They are much like myself in that they "try something once",  if it doesn't work, they try again or try something else...  Google is the tech company that never quits.  But we all know about Google don't we..?   Let's talk about their latest innovation, Google Glasses.

So what exactly are Google Glasses you ask? Apparently they look like the Oakley's below:

Who doesn't like a pair of Oakley's?  These glasses won't be your run of the mill glasses though.  They will be equiped with processing power.  Who would have known there would be glasses with processing power? Supposedly it will have on one lens a heads up display.  It is designed to overlay information over a transparent surface: think jet pilots seeing information on their cockpit windshields.  Also think "The Terminator" as illustrated below.

Wearers will be able to see incoming texts, temperature,  social network updates and I'm sure much more... including advertisements.  Just imagine in the future wearing your new Oakley sunglasses walking down the street and seeing advertisements tailored to you and your location. It is utterly amazing how transparent (and thus vulnerable by the way) we are all becoming..

So what about data input? Perhaps you can still use your phone to update your status and write emails, etc.  Perhaps in the future you'll be able to dictate your communications into your Google glasses all while keeping your hands free... I still don't advocate messing with your techno gadgets while driving, no matter how good of a driver you think you are or how 'hands free" your gadgets may be.    You may be wondering about navigation... Google's solution is a head tilting to point and click.  Get used to using your head as your mouse... for those of you just learning to use a mouse,  don't get too comfortable.  Just be careful out there

I'm always wondering what technology will evolve into the next few years... Google may have something here.. can you imagine walking down the street one day interacting with your Google glasses? In the future I guess we can look forward to more distracted drivers... now images will flash in front of them while wearing their high tech specs... we will long for the old days when texting and driving were a problem. It'll look like child's play next to this. My advice: save your money and buy yourself a safe high tech car to protect your family with the new breed of goons that will be flooding the streets with their Google glasses. May be awhile... but it's coming... technology is rapidly evolving. Better be ready..

While we are on the subject of gadgets and technology... technology can't replace common sense... don't text and drive or otherwise be distracted when driving a motor vehicle. I think many people don't realize how vulnerable they are when behind the wheel of a car.... watch the video below to see what could happen...

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