Watch “Modern Marvels S08E03 Private Jets” on YouTube

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Even if I had the budget for a private jet... I would never buy one.... I never was a fan of conspicuous consumption.

Don't get me wrong, I like nice things, but it has to make sense..... and if it's over the top then forget about it. Money can be used for so many other things... things that make a difference or bring value to the world or to those around you..

I almost went off on a sociological tangent... wheww...

Anyway, this is an interesting documentary if you are fascinated by anything transportation... It also gives some tips you could apply to other transactions - not just a how to on purchasing a jet - which it sometimes seems to focus.

Also, Michael Dorn, of Star Trek fame was interviewed... apparently he is a private jet aficionado.. was very interesting..

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