What’s your excuse?

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Your current circumstances don't have to be your permanent circumstances.

Whatever it is you want, you HAVE to be proactive in getting it. It doesn't matter what it is, excuses and justifications just keep you separated from what's rightfully yours. Ambition can not be bought, you have to create it for yourself.

Excuses about age, money, health or anything else are just that, excuses.   If you want to breeze through life then that's your prerogative,  but I'm telling you the only way you will truely get what you want is if you have the ambition to go out and get it for yourself.

If you want to lose weight,  make more money, find a boyfriend/girlfriend or WHATEVER it is you want,  follow these 5 simple steps and GET STARTED.

Stay focused.  Zero in on what it is you want and

Do your homework.  It's easy to say "I want to do X".  But how feasable is it?   Who has done it successfully?   How can you use your experiences to make it better?  After you do your homework,

Make a Plan.  Having a plan will get you to where you want to go quicker and more efficiently.

Shut out distractions and negativity.  Distractions and negativity work against your plan.  Remember the plan?   If you are listening to people who don't know what they are talking about,  have no experience in what you are trying to do,  then why are you putting so much value on their opinion?  Everyone's life and circumstances in life are different.  Stay focused,  do your homework,  make a plan and shut out all distracting and negative people and circumstances.  Be mindful of the value you are putting on someone's opinion of what you are trying to accomplish.  All opinions are not equal.   I'm sure you've heard the saying,  "Opinions are like a$$holes,  everyone has one."   Can I get an amen?  Doesn't some famous person often say that?  Is it trademarked?   Anyway,

Keep it Simple.  Complexity will distract and discourage you from moving forward.  Do yourself a favor and keep the process simple!  Start with doing something, anything that will propel  you forward.

When I was younger and working a J.O.B;  I worked at UPS during the evenings.  My friend and I always stayed late and worked alone long after everyone had left.  We had no car, lived 3 miles downtown from where we worked and struggled to make ends meet.  But you know what we did have?  We had dreams.  We had ambition.  We would walk home talking and dreaming about how our lives were going to be so much better.  We knew that we weren't going to settle for what our situation was  at the time.  The lesson for you?  Find someone,  anyone,  who you can dream with and push you closer to what it is that you want to accomplish.  It is VERY important to surround yourself with people who think like yourself.

Anyway,  have an amazing holiday and an awesome 2017!!!!  It's entirely up to you afterall!

Keep pushing, keep moving forward and never look back!


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