John Higginbotham

Feeding a Hungry Soul

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I think obsessively.

I wish I didn’t, but I do. I offer my heart and time to pretty much anyone.  I like that about myself. I eagerly empathize with souls around me – even if it takes me to dark places – simply because I care, and because I have probably been there or nearby.

I don’t know when to stop and have a tendency to overstay my welcome, and this hurts me. I need to break the cycle. I have been focusing on a soul that sucks in my energy like a black hole and leaves me with little energy to take care of myself.

It has been my choice to feed this soul. I am left starving for reciprocation that likely will never happen.

I am angry because I am sad.

I have a choice to make: do I linger in purgatory or do I step into the pain of freedom?

I reluctantly choose to ignore this soul on Facebook and in public.

I reluctantly choose to delete this soul from my phone contacts... only to add them back.

My choices are not ones of spite or detest for this soul.  I care deeply.

It is an act of love for myself that has gone buried in petty thoughts.

It is an act to preserve my selfish need to be happy.

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