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The Subconscious Program You Were Given at Birth

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I like to think of the mind as the operating system of your body.  Your brain processes over seventy thousand thoughts in a day (Brain Trivia, University of South Carolina)  Keep in mind,  a lot of these "thoughts" are on auto pilot, simply because they have to be.  It is not an efficient use of the operating system to have to think about breathing,  processing food within your body or any myriad of things that your body does without you having to be fully aware or thinking about what's going on...

Since it's impossible for your brain to process that much data on its own,  it relies on certain programs that reside in your subsconsious; much like a machine, where certain programs manage certain activities.  This way, the mind's work doesn't soley rely on the operating system itself.  You acquire these subsconcious programs the minute you were born.  Your family and those of influence all help to systematically program your young mind.  You carry these programs and add new ones all throughout your life.. it never stops.  You don't press pause,  you can't delete them from your memory,  you can't reboot and start over. These programs are forever part of you,  just as your thoughts are.   Though you can't delete, pause or reboot what's in your brain,  you CAN  install the updates that are available to you as they happen.

The problem with our programming is when you go out into the world,  the programming you recieved in your youth oftentimes no longer serves you.  Updates come throughout your life...  but is up to you to install them.   Why install them?  Because your can not efficiently function with outdated programming.  Past ideas and paradigms of thought that you were given no longer serve you as you carry out your life.   Times change,  situations change and life happens that requires a new way of thinking.   So why don't people install the updates?  Because change is hard,  it's challenging and some people are simply too lazy.  It's so much easier to carry on with the limitation program.  It's much easier to carry on with the conformity program,  not making anyone feel too uncomfortable.     By doing this, you are in essence letting the limitation and conformity programs control and manage your precious life.   Do you really want that?

Oscar Wild once said,  “I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”  Do you really want to hand over your happiness to the fickleness of the Universe and other people?   Do they really deserve that much power and influence over you?   I think not.

Like I said,  most of us are programmed from birth that life is limited.  There is a limited amount of money, a limited amount of time, a  limited amount of resources and even a limited amount of happiness.  But is there really?  Are we really powerless to change our destiny? Can we not be happy MOST of the time?   Is there really not enough to go around?  Do we even need all that we have?   Do we really not have any control over our feelings, emotions or how we react to something?  We are programmed that we go to school, not to cry or whine,  do as we are told,  find a good job and become part of "the machine" while all the way accumulating as much "stuff" as possible.   Stuff that we don't really need or necessarily care about.   Though you'll never hear it called that,  it is in effect a machine.   This machine requires us to keep working so we can buy more "stuff" until we are able to start the process over again.  By being part of this machine,  we lose control of our lives.   We lose control of our thoughts.  We lose control of our destiny.   This machine requires us to to ask permission to go on vacation,  spend time with our loved ones,  take a day off just because we are sick and accept all the bad things that happen as "just life".  We don't ask why or anything else for that matter,  we just do it.  We run around thinking we have no control over what happens to us.    Who wants that!!??   Some of this is necessary I know,  it is necessary in order to maintain order on the planet.  Not everyone can be (or even wants to be)  an entreprenuer where working from home is status quo.  There are disadvantages to that as well.   So I'm not discounting your job or your place in life.  I'm simply asking you to be a critical thinker of sorts and realize what's REALLy going on in life...  You have more control than you realize.   More importantly,  you have control over your health, mind,  body and happiness.

It's hard to kill the human spirit,  it really is. Have you ever tried to take down or ignore the determined? The strong willed? The outspoken? It's not easy. But it's they who change the world. It's they who make a difference and help to make everyone else's life a little easier.    Benjamin Disraeli became the Prime Minister of a country when Jews weren't even allowed to be outside after 10 o'clock. People thrived and made fortunes during the Great Depression. There are those who have overcome cancer and every other dehabilitating issue imaginable and went on to live happy, fullfilling and productive lives. A former neighbor of mine continues to live a normal existence 20 years after doctors told him he had max 3 weeks left on Earth.. they urged him to get his affairs wrapped up and in order. He's outlived many of the doctors who told him about his fate. Good thing he didn't accept their word as the Gospel,  don't you think?  Life is too complex to paint everything with a wide brush. Use this complexity of life to your advantage.. Take control of your destiny.

None of us have an infinite amount of time here, not yet anyway. But there are countless examples of people beating the odds, making a difference and changing the world. The problem for many is they choose to quit before they even try.  They choose the lazy way and succumb to the limitation program that was installed at birth that forces us to conform to societal norms and accept everything as it happens.   This programming is deep within our self conscious.... oftentimes we don't even realize it's there.

It's not your fault really, it's the program you were given; a program of limitation.   You were given program  of a limited life, limited health, a limited amount of success, a limited amount of resources and even a limited amount of happiness.  We are basically taught we don't have a lot of control over what happens to us.  You see where I'm going with this?  But it's  a good thing really, it's where the tremendous opportunity lies for you to be the best version of yourself possible.  Once you become self actualized (who doesn't want that!?) you can then you can guide others to be the best versions of themselves..... Why is this important? Because we're all connected and part of the one human family. We are even if we don't like it or even accept it as a fundemental truth.  Every action you take or don't take effects someone else... which eventually effects the world which in turn effects the Universe.

Your mind alone can help tip the entire planet onto a frequency of peace and well being.   But it can't do it when you are thinking negative, limiting thoughts  and ignoring the updates that are constantly being given to you.  Do yourself a favor and install these updates. Install them now!   It's NEVER too late to undo the mess that negative programming has made in your life.  Installing the updates will eventually  lead you to your purpose.  Installing them  will lead you to your birth right - which is to live a happy, fullfilling life in service to others.

You are most powerful indeed, we all are.

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