My Review: $149 Cheap Flights – Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Brisol and other European Destinations Via Reykjavik, Iceland

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I was excited to find out about Iceland's WowAir offering service to Europe, specifically Berlin.   There are few if any choices when it comes to low cost air travel to Europe and WowAir seems to fill the void.  WowAir is a low cost airline which started service to the United States a few months ago.  According to Wikipedia they fly Airbus planes,  specifically 320-200 and 321-200 models.   I have not found any reviews on Youtube regarding the service or planes,  but intend to do one myself when I fly overseas to Berlin.  They fly to many cities in Europe nonstop from Reykjavik, Iceland.   You get to Iceland from the US at Boston or Baltimore - Washington (BWI).   From my research,  doing this will make your journey to points in Europe a little longer but will save you several hundred dollars, depending on your destination.  

Like most no frills airlines,  they only fly on certain days, so you may want to take that into consideration.  You also will want to keep in mind that you will have to get to their American hub in Boston (BOS) or Baltimore-Washington (BWI)  to take advantage of these discounted flights, which will add some inconvenience and cost to the trip.  If you happen to live in Boston or Baltimore,  then lucky you!  Although I will say that from what I can tell,  it is cheaper to book directly on WowAir's website rather than going to Orbitz or similar travel websites and aggregators.   The price difference can be substantial.  Keep in mind they also charge a baggage fee (above the one free carry on) of $67.  Also,  the fares vary from month to month.  If you have ever used low cost airlines such as Allegiant or Spirit,  then you will be very comfortable with their website, for it's very similar.  I will say the prices advertised seem to be true to form, without all the extra "stuff" that many other airlines charge.  The prices also include taxes, which many US based airlines don't advertise,  they are often added after you click on the base fare.  

So whether you are flying to London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Dublin or other points in Europe,  you owe it to yourself to take a look at Iceland's WowAir.  The money you saved could be used on a future trip,   plus you get a glimpse and a taste of  Iceland,  how could you go wrong with that?   I'm NOT saying I would never splurge,  but I am very choosey on the airline and location if I was to go business or first class.  

Below are some example fares from the US to points in Europe.  You will need to check the cost to get from your departure city to the American Wow hub, with a little creativity you can save hundreds of dollars to use on taking another trip.  Who wants to stay at home?  Not me!?   So if you are worried about first class accommodations while flying or getting there the most efficient way possible,  this may not be for you.  Personally,  I'd rather take the money saved on the few hours I'd be in the air and use it on deluxe accommodations and another trip,  but that's just me.   American First Class is not what it used to be,  but that's for another time.  See you across the pond!   

Washington BWI to Berlin SFX VIA KEF  Roundtrip from $149

Washington BWI to Dublin VIA KEF Roundtrip trip from $149

Boston (BOS) to Paris VIA KEF Roundtrip from $149

Boston (BOS) to London VIA KEF Roundtrip from $149

Boston (BOS) to Stockholm VIA KEF Roundtrip from $149

Boston (BOS) to Bristol VIA KEF Roundtrip from $149

Boston (BOS) to Amsterdam VIA KEF Roundtrip from $149

As mentioned,  prices vary by the month of travel,  you can find a breakdown on the WowAir Website.  


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